#063: My husband is dating my sister ?!?

How do you tell a partner who’s getting serious that you’re just… not? What do you do when your husband shows up at your poly gathering… with your 22 year old sister? How can you avoid irritating your tender bits when shaving? While on the road to Providence (Rhode Island) we answer these questions and more.

Here’s the video from American Gods Cassie talks about.

Questions in this episode

  • My husband is dating my sister. What should I do?
  • How do Cassie and Rigel handle vacations with their partners?
  • What are some BDSM fashion options for male-bodied folk?
  • How do you Dominate your partner in a body-worship scene?
  • What are some tricks for avoiding irritation when shaving your tender bits?
  • My partner is spending all our date money on his other partners. Also, I’m not getting laid enough.
  • I’ve had a partner for over a year. She’s serious. I’m not. How do I break it to her?

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