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#058: Swollen Labia, Shitty Submissives, and Poly Bat-Signals

How do you find folks for a foursome without coming out to your friends? What’s the secret signal you can use in public to let others know your poly? Should you be worried if your labia are still massively swollen a month after your needle scene? Are you a shitty submissive, or does your dominant just suck? On today’s episode, we answer these questions and more.

#056: Should I tell my boss I’m poly?

How can you encourage your wife to get freaky with her boyfriend when you’re out of town? What are some tips for navigating jealously? Where does a dragon find a couple? Should you tell your prospective employer that you’re poly? On this episode, we answer these questions and more.

#054: 6 Ways To Have a Better Poly Relationship In 2019

The new year is upon us. Take a moment and picture what a perfect relationship with your partner(s) would look like this year. It might be having amazing experiences together, enjoying quality time with each other, getting your all your needs met, or even just having peace in your polycule. Then ask yourself: how does your relationship in 2018 compare to that vision? If there’s a gap between what you want your relationships to look like and the reality of what they’ve been, you need to make some changes. If you want better relationships in 2019, there are 6 things you MUST commit to doing differently. In this episode, we’re going to walk you through these six commitments and give you some tips on how to stick with them instead of giving up by mid-February.

#052: Subs! Stop settling for lousy Dominants

On today’s episode, we (a Dom and a sub) are going to tell you the steps you must take when screening a potential Dominant including: determining if you’re compatible (in and out of the bedroom), personality characteristics to look for in Dominant, potential red flags, and more. We also reveal the crucial factor that differentiates good a Dominant from a bad one and tell you how to bypass the BS and learn the truth about potential partners

#051: We Know We Need Help, But We Keep Putting It Off!

Every day we speak with folks who are facing challenges in their polyamorous relationships. Some know they need help, but decide to put it off till later. This has been a heartbreaking week for us; we conducted our end-of-year check-ins only to discover that the vast majority of the people who needed help but decided to wait are now broken up. On today’s episode, we discuss why it can be hard to seek help, three reasons folks tend to ignore problems in their relationships until it’s too late, warning signs that you need help NOW, and where you can go to get it.

#050: Is Your Loved One Polyamorous? Here’s What You Need to Know

For today’s show, we wanted to do something a bit special. We know that when you’re polyamorous it can be difficult to explain things to your family and friends… so we decided to do that for you. This episode isn’t for you, but for your loved ones. In it, we answer the most common questions that folks have when their loved ones are poly, and clear up some common misconceptions. Links and a description you can share with your loved ones can be found in the show notes.

#048: Let’s Be Honest – Poly Sex Should Be Great Sex

We love talking and teaching about relationships, but sometimes you just gotta talk about sex. In the poly world, sometimes sexual partners may be other romantic partners, and other times they are friends with benefits. Today, we take a deep dive on the reasons folks may want to have casual sex, the conversations that must take place between a couple before you begin talking with other people, and what folks tend to screw up. Then we give some pro tips on both negotiating casual sex and how to handle that sex while it’s going down.

#047: Cis Men, Craigslist Dating, and Putting The “Amory” in Polyamory

This week, we are back with another highly requested Q&A episode! If you submitted your question and it isn’t here, don’t worry as we will be increasing the frequency of q and episodes in the near future. Just a few of the things we get down on in this week’s episode include: where to find a person to date as a couple, if you should break up if you aren’t attracted to your partner, what to do when there are no “benefits” with your friend with benefits, and if we need more “amory” in polyamory.

#046: Need a Hand? Here’s Our Advice on Advice

When you run into problems in your poly relationships, where do you turn for advice? If you’re like many folks, you talk to other partners, to your friends, to folks in your poly communities (either local or online). But that leads to conflicting answers, confusion, and a lack of results. In this episode, we discuss how getting your relationships advice from friends and family is causing more problems than it’s solving, and what you should do instead.

#045: Polyamory is a Movement with Alan M.

Alan M. has been a poly activist for 13 years and is best known for his website Polyamory in the News. He tells us what Polyamory in the News is, how it got started, and his insights of how the world of Poly has changed over the years in terms of community, acceptance, and its portrayal in the media. Alan also shares predictors of the most successful poly relationships, tips for being a powerful Poly spokesperson, and we discuss the possibility of poly marriage as it relations to ceremony and legal acceptance.

#044: The Cost of Guilt In Your Relationships

When your partner’s unhappy and unsatisfied it’s easy to feel guilty… especially if you were the driving force behind opening op the relationship. But that guilt is just piling more hurdles on top of the barriers you’re already facing. In this episode, we dive deep into exactly what that guilt is costing you and how it could be the very thing driving you and your partner further apart.


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