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006: How To Be a Kickass Poly Parent

Are you poly? Do you or your partner(s) have kids? If so, you’ve probably run into your share of questions: Should you tell your children about your partners? If so, when – and how – and how much? How do you explain the relationship to schools, and sports teams, and other family members? What do you do when a child is attached to a partner that you break up with? On today’s episode we’re going to answer these questions and more. Plus, we’ll discuss our three principles for being a kickass poly parent, and the impact that being out can have on your kids.

#005 Butt Stuff, Bad Boys, and Poly Sleeping Arrangements

Can you be kinky if you don’t like it in the butt? Are there any sane poly people around? How do you approach nillas you’re interested in about kink and/or poly? What should you do when you get no matches on dating sites? On today’s episode, Cassie and Rigel will be answering these questions and more. We’ve got a ton of dating and relationship-focused questions in this episode, so don’t miss out!

#004:The Secret to Getting Laid with Billy Procida

Who better to talk to about casual sex than the host of the Manwhore podcast? On today’s episode we’re talking with Billy Procida about how to hook-up including: using dating apps, engaging face-to-face, and avoiding regrets. Plus, we’ll be discussing the single biggest secret to getting laid. It’s probably not what you think.

#002: Consent Violations and Consent Accidents with Charlie Glickman

When consent is breached, sometimes it’s an intentional consent violation. But sometimes, it’s the result of error, miscommunication, or misunderstanding. It’s a consent accident. But how much does intent matter when you cross someone’s boundaries? Today we’re talking to Charlie Glickman PhD about the definition of a consent accident, the difficulties with distinguishing between a consent accident and a consent violation, how to move forward when a consent accident does happen, and tips for avoiding a consent accident in the first place.

#001: Sex With Your Ex, and Cassie Face-F***s a Mermaid

You can’t be my baby, but you can be my booty call! Having sex with an ex is sometimes a taboo topic even in the kinky realm. But is it really THAT bad of an idea? In this episode we talk about everything you need to know if you are gonna start getting jiggy with your ex. We discuss how, when, and (more importantly) when NOT to have sex with an ex. But before all that, we have a story about Cassie face-fucking a mermaid. Yep, Really.

#000: Introducing the Touch of Flavor Podcast

Welcome to the Touch Of Flavor Podcast! This podcast is going to tackle BDSM, sex, and polyamory – and discuss how to build extraordinary relationships in an ordinary world. In this episode  we’re going to give you a little information about ourselves, and tell you about the first time Cassie handcuffed rigel to a table. We’ll also tell you a bit about Touch of Flavor and what you can expect from future shows.