#092: How to Vanquish Jealousy

When poly folks tell us the challenges they face, jealousy is consistently in the top three. 

That’s not surprising. Jealousy takes many different forms, but whether you’re:

Sitting at home alone picturing how great a time your partner is having without you…

Looking at the sexy young thing your partner is dating and measuring how you stack up…

Watching your partner worship someone else when you haven’t gotten that kind of affection in YEARS…

Or lying awake at 3 am wondering how long it will be before your partner replaces you with someone more fun (or more compatible)…

Jealousy feels terrible. Not only does jealousy poison the relationship that’s causing the stress. It crushes your self-esteem, damages your health, and harms the relationships you have with family, friends, and other partners.

You know jealousy is toxic. And every “expert” out there has tips on how to overcome it. So why are you still struggling?

Simple. There are two distinct types of jealousy, but people only ever talk about one of them. You need to learn how to distinguish between the two, and how to tackle each type. Until then, you’ll stay stuck.

In this episode, we spell out how to vanquish jealousy in your relationships.

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