#091: The Baby Episode

Our poly family is having a baby! Which may not surprise you. In fact, dozens of our listeners already picked up that Cassie was pregnant, and they had a few questions. In this very special episode, Amanda joins us to answer 18 baby and pregnancy questions, including: How do Rigel, Amanda, and Mancub feel about the pregnancy? Will Amanda be on the birth certificate? What’s Cassie’s birth plan? How are our bio families reacting? And how does Cassie know whose baby it is anyways?

PLUS: Rigel reveals a shocking secret, we plan a post-pregnancy DP scene, and Amanda talks lactation.

Questions in this episode

  • What is going on with the outside the box baby? We have not heard anything from ya’ll.
  • How’s Cassie doing? When is she due? What does Amanda think? 
  • Was this a planned pregnancy?
  • What does Mancub think?
  • How does Rigel feel about Cassie and Josh having a baby?
  • How does Cassie know whose baby it is anyways?
  • What will the baby’s nickname be on the podcast?
  • Has pregnancy changed our sex or kink?
  • Does Cassie’s birth plan include both Amanda and Josh?
  • Is Amanda going to be breastfeeding?
  • Why WON’T Cassie be breastfeeding?
  • Will Amanda be on the birth certificate?
  • What steps are we taking to ensure Amanda doesn’t get “lesser parent feels?”
  • How are our bio families reacting?
  • What’s our plan if our bio families get judgemental?
  • Would the three of us be OK with a future partner becoming a parent to the baby?

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