#031: Touch of Flavor’s Guide to Healthy Power Exchange

Power exchange. For some of us, it’s a need every bit as important as religion, being non-monogamous, or having a child. But as the power dynamic encroaches further into everyday life, boundaries can get murky. In a relationship built on inequality, what constitutes a healthy relationship?

On today’s episode we’re talking about power exchange, the rights of a submissive, and what it takes to build a power exchange relationship where all parties are healthy and thriving.

PLUS: Cassie gets a new flogger, and we launch a free online training on how you can build amazing polyamorous relationships.

Cassie couldn’t let this episode go out without a picture of her new flogger, so here you go! You can find the maker in the resource links below.

Cassie's new purple and black flogger from Holo whips
Cassie’s new flogger from Holo whips

Resources Mentioned

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