#058: Swollen Labia, Shitty Submissives, and Poly Bat-Signals

How do you find folks for a foursome without coming out to your friends? What’s the secret signal you can use in public to let others know your poly? Should you be worried if your labia are still massively swollen a month after your needle scene? Are you a shitty submissive, or does your dominant just suck? On today’s episode, we answer these questions and more.

PLUS: We talk about our best and worst sexual experiences, and Upgrayedd is condemned to wear the cone of shame.

Upgrayedd looking depressed in the cone of shame

Questions in this episode

  • How can we find folks for a foursome without coming out to our friends?
  • Is my Dominant toxic, or am I a shitty submissive?
  • What should I get my partners for Valentine’s day?
  • I got my vulva needled a month ago and my labia are still HUGE! Should I be worried?
  • What’s an acceptable length of time for a Dominant to give a submissive the silent treatment?
  • What’s the secret signal to let others know your poly?
  • How many relationships is it possible to have at once?
  • What are Cassie’s and Rigel’s best and worst sexual experiences?

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