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Our Poly Family Vacation

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Our partner Amanda joins us to discuss our family vacation to Florida. Plus we reveal an awesome new project. 

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Josh 0:20
Here at a Touch of Flavor, we teach non monogamous folks how to overcome their obstacles and build thriving relationships.

Josh 0:26
This podcast is about answering one question, how do you create loving, passionate, secure relationships outside the box? Even if nothing has ever worked before? If you want to know the answer, you're in the right place.

Josh 0:38
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Josh 0:49
All right, everybody. So we had wanted to bring Amanda on to the show to talk about our family vacation and that adventure. So welcome, Amanda, back to the show. It actually has not been that long this time.

Amanda 1:04
It has been now!

Josh 1:04
A year?

Amanda 1:06
It's been a really really long time. Yeah, I think it was like it was like 50 episodes or 60 or something.

Cassie 1:11
Yeah, it was it wasn't really a long time. It has been quite a while since you've been on this time, but not nearly as much since the time before that.

Amanda 1:20

Josh 1:21
Yeah. So we want to talk about that. But two other cool things for so first, so we did this vacation in June and the beginning of July. And the reason that it has taken us so long to sit down and record this or actually to rerecord it. We tried it once in the audio equipment wasn't working, is that we have put together something really awesome. So some of you may have seen something that may not but a while back, we put together a free training on the five pillars of a thriving, non monogamous relationship. And basically what we did in this training, and it's free, is, you know, we took basically no it just our experience, but even more so our experience helping I think now I mean, you know, all the the hundreds of calls we do a year and you know, all the people we talk to and you know, like 150 clients, we've worked through this, and we put together okay, what are the five pillars that we've seen the five consistent things that people need to take a relationship from struggling, maybe even the break of like losing to thriving for people who are not monogamous. So we built this awesome training. And it's been really cool. And then we decided, coming back from the event to make that interactive. And that has been a bearable project. But it is now done. And basically what happens is that takes the training, and now it's like a would you say like a choose your own adventure thing. So you go through it. And Cassie asks you some questions like you know, kind of, you know, like about the format of your relationships, the problems that you're facing, like that kind of thing. And then the training, adjusts and adapts in real time based on your answers. So you get information that is even more relevant to you and to your situation. So it's really awesome. So if you haven't seen it definitely should, if you have now's a perfect time to kind of like refresh those ideas in your head and to get the new stuff as well. So you go to a touch of forward slash pillars, and you will be able to sign up for that and like watch it instantly and it's pretty great. And then before we hop into vacation...

Amanda 3:32
It's Amanda's turn to talk about the super exciting thing.

Josh 3:36
There's another super exciting thing that we decided that we mention that we're only going to mention, we're not going to go into it on this episode. You don't have time we're going to do another one. So Amanda...

Josh 3:46

Josh 3:48
30 Seconds or less go!

Amanda 3:49
okay. 30 seconds or less. We're super duper excited. We've been talking a lot about this idea. And we I don't want to say we pulled the trigger on it because we're like superduper close to it. But we're not all 100% yet on doing it.

Cassie 3:56
We're holding the switch.

Amanda 4:04
We're holding switch, we switch and we are buying an RV and traveling across the country and I'm super excited.

Josh 4:14
So have like some poly family shops that I will say like 80% We're like 80% of the way there.

Amanda 4:18
Okay, I'm sorry, I take it we are not buying an RV and traveling across country. We're thinking very seriously,

Josh 4:25
Very, very, very seriously.

Cassie 4:27
Strategically if you will.

Amanda 4:28
Strategically, and I'm very excited.

Josh 4:31
So it is in the probable works. We will, I'm sure kind of keep people updated and have a whole nother episode or let Amanda do an episode on her own.

Amanda 4:43
talking all about dating. It is it's traveled across the country RVs so

Josh 4:48
that'll be cool. I don't know.

Cassie 4:50
Le family RV I have my

Josh 4:53
beat that might be its own podcast seriously like

Amanda 4:57
creating my ins turning my Instagram into No.

Josh 5:02
I'm actually being serious like that might call for another podcast for you to take like 15 minutes a week and like we're doing everything we can like document. Like, I feel like I don't know, we'll sort it out

Cassie 5:14
like a poly family to talk. Like how the RV families

Josh 5:20
something. So it's a discussion, it's a pretty cool idea. We've been like it's been like, consuming everything outside of like business and coaching people for like the last two weeks. So it's been the fun time all the fun time. All the fun. Yeah, we just spent yesterday like, anyways, doesn't matter. We're talking about vacation, but we will keep people well, if we're moving forward in that direction. We'll certainly talk more about that. And probably more and more and more and more. Probably Probably family, Holly family adventures as we go. But what are we talking about today? Cassie?

Cassie 5:54
We're talking about our vacation. But I think it's important to kind of like, back it up a little bit. Because how we ended up on vacation. Are we talking about our race? We're not talking about? Are you sure? Yes. Okay.

Josh 6:07
keep us on track caskets what you do. I'm pretty sure somewhere in this room.

Cassie 6:13
Yeah, there's a lot of wrangling that happens. So in that we have actually had a really amazing coaching training that we had to go to. We do lots of training every year. So that way we can show up and give our clients you know, the best care they can possibly up.

Josh 6:35
Yeah, we do. I mean, we were training like every week, but we do three live trainings a year right now. So like, yeah, like a week, every few months?

Cassie 6:51
Yeah. So we go and we train. And we had one come up in Florida. And we have been discussing doing a family trip for a long time. We've taken a couple of trips here and there. But they've been like working trips, like we went to the Poconos. Last year. And it was like during the pandemic and we were like, Okay, we're gonna go and do this thing. But we like, worked half the time that we were there, that sort of thing. And we're like, we really want to do this family trip, especially. Because you know, we haven't done one in a while. And man cub is going off to college in September. So we're like, we want to do this really cool. family trip. And we recognize that if we didn't plan it, and didn't do it, we weren't going to do it. Because everyone's like, you decided to go to Florida in June for vacation. And it was we're going through this training, and we were already there. And we're like, Okay, so let's just add after the training, going on vacation, and also the training was at a really, really cool spot. And we decided to kind of give that cool experience to abandon the kids.

Josh 8:02
Well, yeah, so Okay, a lot better. So. Man, I'm like losing track of my brain. So the the thing is, like, well, there's a couple things. So first off, well, it was that so yeah, okay, so it man covers leaving for college. Right? Little is never really see she's never had an occasion. But like, she's a COVID baby. Like, she's never really done much like her vacations have been like, mountains. And then we also we were just talking about this and we realize, you know, like, the cool thing with the coaching is we have a lot of time flexibility. But the other thing like just with the number of clients that we have, and just running a small business, and the fact that everybody in our house runs the business, so like if our house isn't running the business, the business, you know, like, well, so Anyways, long story short, is we have not had a non working vacation in since we were just, we were discussing this the first time we recorded 2006 2016 which is too long, which was really figured out because man, it was like this Hi. Yeah. So that's got an insight. We didn't work a little but like, you know, we were like okay, we're gonna actually do a vacation. And I'm like you said with the Florida thing that is so central, like, do we really want to go? Because because we're like, we had been planning because like, we know that these June trainings, a lot of times you know, they're they're specifically helps kids are out of school. They're specifically help places like you can bring your family like stay afterwards if you want. And we're like so we've been planning for like a year and it was you know, we didn't really know where it was gonna be. And then it was Florida like I used to do we really want to do a vacation in Florida in June, and we were like, we're like we could feasibly theoretically wait till by convention right now we want. Like we're just gonna we're just gonna stick to what we play and see what actually. Yes, we did. And it was pretty awesome. Yeah. So where do people want to start with us?

Cassie 10:13
I always like going, like, timeline. I think timeline is always the easiest way to keep things on track with ADHD.

Josh 10:24
All right. So one year before the training before we even knew where we were going while the case was just an invalid, Cassie started packing linearly. That's when

Cassie 10:36
I started packing after we knew where we were going. And I packed for a couple of weeks before we left, it was like three weeks I before we left, I started packing. And honestly, I started packing. Because one, I have myself to pack for the little line to pack for. And to be fair, like man, Cub is an adult, quote unquote, adult. But I like making sure that he's getting everything he needs to get in his bags,

Amanda 11:06
which is not sweaters and sweatpants in the middle of June because that's what he

Josh 11:11
packed. places we just we just have different parenting styles because I'm like, he is at like he would 50 years ago, like he would be married, he would be like off at war running a farm like, if do can't have his own clothes, he can sweat. That's just my opinion. Yes.

Cassie 11:33
But the problem then comes that when we take family pictures, I look like a bad parent. If

Josh 11:40
I was like an amazing parent who's letting our child learn from their experiences, before he actually goes out into the world and has no way to manage things happen than wearing

Cassie 11:52
my family picture to be us. Like, out on the beach, in our bathing suits at our 18 year old sweater. Now your

Josh 12:01
pictures are the 18 year old in a beanie, he didn't

Amanda 12:03
have a thick one, but the beanie on the fish

Cassie 12:07
just because but anyway, I

Josh 12:09
told him I said we were in the ocean, we'll get to linear but we were in the ocean. And he's out there in the ocean in a wool beanie. And I was like, You're just you're just making a point. Right now. That's all this is. And you know what you do that you're the one who's ahead, buddy, because I would have let you sweat but whatever.

Cassie 12:31
Anyway, so. But regardless, I have myself and a little line. And there's a lot of stuff that you know, I'm not going to wear anyway, at the point where I started packing because like I've got like, my like really, really, really, really like dresses and stuff like that, that I would wear to a beach but wouldn't necessarily wear in the house and air conditioning. So I would had stuff I could start talking anyway. And the big thing for me is that it really does, pool and prolong the vacation, like I get to be like I'm going to wear this when we get to Disney World. I'm going to wear this when we're doing XY and Z and it makes me really happy. And so

Josh 13:16
I don't want to just sit here and satisfaction that I did was able to take the single literally Cassie started packing way too long for vacation, everybody ran with it.

Cassie 13:26
I count that as a way I decided to just go. So talking about packing. So we got everything packed, obviously, because I did it much earlier than I needed to. And then the day that we left, you know, we had to get on plane and we had been talking to the little lion because she's never been on a plane for about, hey, we're going to go on a plane and then you're going to go to Mickey and minis house and there's going to be this thing. And so we had been kind of like prepping her with like, you know planes and she's always been really obsessed with planes for like ever she loves

Josh 14:01
Well, yeah, well, I know. I know. I was I know you were Amanda like up like leading up like, well, she's always on planes. But like, I think the worry that we had was that she's gonna get on a plane and not realize it's playing. She sees planes from the ground. So we were like showing her YouTube videos of planes with the volume all the way up. Well, yeah, that was the other concern is that I know you're watching. Yeah, I

Amanda 14:27
was worried that she's like watching all these planes and like you see a plane like far away you don't really hear it, or if it's like one of the smaller ones that you hear it. But you know, it's not like being inside of a plane. So I put that value all the way up every time and I was like, Listen to how loud that plane is. There wasn't some huge shot of like, What is that noise? He finally started going

Josh 14:49
well she's at that age where she's not scared to have to think she should be scared of like falling. But loud noises are terrifying, right? Yeah. So that's yeah, that was probably a good idea.

Cassie 14:59
Okay, so we've been prepping her. And as I said, like she's really, really likes planes, we're not too far from like a small airport. So she sees the planes all the time. So we were like, We're gonna fly one of those. And we got to the airport. And she's got her luggage, which is like, this little backpack, that's an elephant and a little, like, pull elephants. And she's just like, I'm going on a trip and dragging it behind her, which was really cool. And you mentioned before, like, just the shock of like, how much entertainment she got out of that.

Josh 15:34
Yeah, one of the things that I thought was really interesting was you know, like, the things like she she most enjoyed some of the things that like I didn't expect, right, like, take off, not a big deal. Beginning of life, not a big deal. The airport was awesome. Like, the airport was amazing. Just take a little Alpha line and just like stand in people's way, and they're like, trying to get to where they're going, I was tripping on a toddler. Like, I don't even remember why just like standing. This is when when you guys are getting to security trying to get through security where she's just like, standing up right at the top the escalator, like, near the escalator, like waiting for people there like I'm like, laying around the two year old. It's a public space.

Amanda 16:21
Another thing that I thought was really cool that she was like, really into was you guys had run off to grab a drink before? Before we were you know, all settled in. And we were in the airport. And like everybody's like getting up to like get in line and stuff. And like meanwhile, the lines just like, I need to check and make sure everybody's ready. And she started walking through like the people sitting there and like checking them and looking at them. And I'm like, do they have everything she needs? And she says, yup,

Josh 16:53
yup. Yup. That was so cute. Although, as we're going linearly, Cassie, this is your chance to rant about the CSI.

Unknown Speaker 17:07
Now, the time

Cassie 17:08
now's the time, so I am not trying to rant. I feel very. I feel very annoyed. So this isn't linear. Now we're going back in time. So here's the thing. Like, I didn't do a lot of flying for many years, like the last like big flight was like, when you and I got married. And then we started traveling a bit more doing some of these trainings. And actually, we got, you know, flown out to do some classes. And that was the first time was like Denver, right? It was for APEX

Josh 17:45
for COVID. Very pregnant,

Cassie 17:47
very pregnant. When I say very pregnant, like, almost eight months pregnant, big belly, like, couldn't miss it. And going out there to do that. To teach. I got grabbed up, right. And it was supposed to be like, they were like, oh, you know, we're checking people with, you know, different hair. Because, you know, there was this thing, right? And I'm like, Okay, well, maybe somebody with multicolored hair, like gave him a hard time. But I'm also like, I'm pregnant. Like, like, what do you think I'm getting ready to do on your plane?

Josh 18:27
We're, like, really shitty about your hair, too?

Cassie 18:30
Yes. And why would you do that with your hair? Yeah, like, Well, why would you dye your hair those colors? And I'm like, because I want to. So it was like, the person that I was dealing with were pretty nasty with me about my hair were very, like, you know, attacking and I was just like, Okay, well, you know, everybody has their weird one time experience with you know, getting grabbed up by by the TSA for something. This is mine. It just so happens to be the first time I'm flying and like yours. And so like, you know, it was it just me off. They patted me down. They like pulled me behind the curtain, all the stuff. But whatever. It's over with no big deal. And from that point forward, every single time that I have gone into an airport, without exception, without exception, every time to and fro. I have gotten grabbed up. And you know, it's always like, Oh, it's a random selection or, you know, something showed up and you're you're walking through the the body checker thing, something there's always something and I always get pulled over and I always get like patted down

Josh 19:50
15 for 15 now, like Yeah, it's

Cassie 19:53
It's ridiculous. It's been it. I would say 15 I think it's more like around 12 But yeah,

Josh 19:59
it's not So, you're doing 1314 15 versus Wow. Okay,

Cassie 20:05
so like 15 times I've been then there's only been one. So you said not, there hasn't been one single flight, one single flight on the way there or not on the way back, but I didn't grab up. So anyway, so like, I've been brought up every single time. So I was like, this time, I was like, That's it. I'm gonna do the whole TSA, free thing, get fingerprinted, do all this stuff. So that way, like, I can be like, I am the person. Well,

Josh 20:31
so first off, so it's because it's only like, it's random. It's random is random. And we have a friend who works for TSA. And he's like, I'm gonna look you up. It was catchy. Like No, they aren't like they tagged you like they have a thing that can do where they can tag people as a suspicious as suspicious. And it like stays in their record anytime they go through security, but because like it isn't like, a criminal thing, like anything that's really like, they can justify, they can't tell you so they have to say it's random. Because like, No, you get your mark like they're gonna pull you up, like every time for like the next however many years probably. And because apparently,

Cassie 21:08
my hair made me really, really suspicious.

Josh 21:10
I just, I'm just waiting for the plane that gets hijacked by like a bunch of like pregnant bisexual, flag hair. Women, I

Cassie 21:20
don't. But anyway, hijacking the plane because we need massages and cookies Damn.

Josh 21:27
funny because I know it's random. It's there is no such thing.

Amanda 21:31
Do you know what random means? Yeah,

Josh 21:34
it's pretty sure it's not 15 that you may encounter was like, I can do the math on that. I can do the math on what the chances of that happening 15 times in a row.

Cassie 21:43
So yeah, so it's, it's every single time. And, you know, on the way back, I was supposed to have the TSA free stuff, too. And they pulled me both all the way there and the way back and all the way all the way back. I'm like, I'm going to talk to somebody and I'm gonna say something this is and they were just like, you know, it's, it's, we just do random checks. We don't know how that happened. And I'm like, random. It cannot be random. Like this is just ridiculous. So. But the thing that really makes me angry is I went through the whole process, and paid for the TSA for yourself to be fingerprinted.

Cassie 22:22
That would help.

Cassie 22:24
No. So anyway, back to cool, amazing. Airport, flight, baby. So the airport was really cool. We got on the plane, as you said, takeoff wasn't like the most amazing thing. But when we landed, she was like, Yeah, and that was really awesome for her. So we got there. And that was when our training was.

Josh 22:46
Yeah, so we did training, which is like, three, four days. But you and the kids had to have a little vacation while we

Amanda 22:53
did it was wonderful was fabulous. It was awesome. I was a little bit worried actually, because like you guys were like, not around for like three days, because your training is like super intensive. So like, it's like three days of straight like so little line didn't really get to see you in those three days. And I was worried that she was gonna be like, where is everybody? But turns out little lion loves the beach. Big Water, the big water. And that evens it out a little bit. When we can go down to the big water like two three times a day, which we absolutely did. They were very short spans, because it's super duper hot. She can only take so much. It's a big water

Cassie 23:31
fall. And she's like to

Josh 23:32
Well, yeah. So we got there. And the place we stayed at was super awesome. I really like right on the BHS. And it wasn't, it was actually sir. So it's like Longboat Key. Okay, yeah. And so, we got there, and we checked in. And it was funny because we'd had this whole discussion about room when we had booked the room like Like before, it's like, okay, we're going we're gonna have to get some this big mess of the family. Like, okay, do we? Do we want to upgrade because like and get get a room with a view at this point. And I said, I'm never I'll never forget. We just had a man who was like, I can't eat my breakfast on the porch. We're looking at the Gulf of Mexico. I don't want it well. I'm like, why not? Well, and it turned out to be You were absolutely right.

Amanda 24:24
We ate breakfast and lunch every single day. Me and the kids on the balcony looking over the Gulf of Mexico. Looking at the black spots in the water, which were probably manatees and not sharks

Josh 24:40
and dolphins She kept telling herself when she went down in the big water three times a day for shark Yeah, it

Amanda 24:49
was awesome. It was amazing. I love this. It's great.

Josh 24:53
Well and so we didn't we didn't do much vacate the cast. I didn't do much vacation and we did do like like yourself When was like a dinner cruise dealio. And that was pretty cool. So the three of us went to do that. And that was pretty awesome. It was just it was kind of neat. And you got to meet a lot of people you haven't gotten to meet before and only like a by name. So that was fun. That was cool. And like I said, Man, it was it was it was nice. We did more beach the last day, a little lion got to meet a lot of people too, though, that she's only ever she knows a lot of like our coaches, because like I said, we meet with them, like, multiple times a week. But like she she's she's known them for years, but she's only known them through zoom. And she was so she was like she had people that like she had planned on hugging when she got there that she did eventually have the courage to hug. But yeah, that was pretty cool. The last day though, we did. Like the last day before we transitioned family beach day, we did have a family beach day. And that was pretty great. It was pretty hot. But it was pretty great.

Cassie 26:02
It was very hot. But it was really cool to watch man Cove like dig out like a little castle with our daughter. And it was nice to get in the water, I would have felt really like cheated, if we didn't have time. And that was like too nice looking out from the balcony and seeing the beach every day. And then having to that's one of the downfalls of our trainings is like when they're in unique spots and pretty places like we're like, oh, it's really cool. All right, we're gonna go spend eight hours inside of a classroom. So I would have been really upset if we didn't take advantage of it. But we

Josh 26:39
really haven't been so much because we've had the little one at home. So it's always like a ride. It's like we're done. It's like a rush to get back on the plane. But yeah, but we stayed till we stayed the day after. And that was really awesome. And we all got some beach time. And that was pretty fantastic. And like I said, I have to say the room was the right decision. Like that was totally worth up. Sarasota is on the list of places to visit. Certainly with our RV

Cassie 27:16
keeps coming back.

Josh 27:18
Sarasota is definitely on the list of places. I'm gonna call a time right here. I just want to make sure everything is still recording. Cool. All right, that was

Cassie 27:30
I can't reach over your stuff. Good. Without you go for taking a pause for a second to drink some water. He

Josh 27:40
already has to be edited. So okay, so like,

Cassie 27:51
if you're taking a pause, I'm gonna drink some water.

Josh 27:55
That was pretty good. And like, I get a little lying out excitedly if it was just interesting, the thing she got excited about, like, I know she was super excited about the port like balcony. And it was actually funny because so when we left and we went to Orlando, which is where we were actually staying for vacation vacation. Can we stay in a recent blazer but I know a little while I was like she wanted to go back.

Cassie 28:22
I want to go to other vacation home. She wanted to go to the other vacation home with the big water and we were like no, we're at this vacation home now. In Orlando. We call it vacation home because like that was her only reference for like it being the place that we go back to. So it was our home for vacation. Yeah.

Josh 28:44
But so we went to Orlando. We got a car that was slightly too small. But we made that work slightly. That was that was tight. That was close. That was Nicholas Carr.

Amanda 28:54
I mean, it wasn't a reduced car. We have

Amanda 28:58
a large hole that we're taking.

Cassie 29:02
There's there's five of us plus all the bags for five of us pulling a stroller from the actual car seat.

Josh 29:09
I'm glad so we want to run a car and I've rented cars before. I used to travel some for work. But like we've never really gone anywhere and had to rent a car as a family. It's been a minivan. Yeah, we have a minivan and we drove a lot of places and like we were going to get the car we were like it was Vegas cash like I think we can get just like a sedan and I was like I don't think so. We got like a small SUV and it was like it was like it was too it was like people were stacking bags on top of our way to our drive. Orlando that was next time. We know that was

Amanda 29:48
too small. I was waiting outside for you to come back with a car. It's like I'm gonna get car and I go and I'm out. I get outside and you're like trying to shovel suitcases in there and I was like go there. The reason we didn't get a bigger quality is like talk to Kathy.

Cassie 30:04
Don't talk to Kathy, I was totally fine getting the bigger one. And yeah, don't blame it on me, you

Josh 30:12
would have a tie and stuff down the street, we legit would have had to, like drive that back, you know. And

Cassie 30:19
it was funny because I had thought my parents actually have a band that straps the top of a car. With straps. It's like really easy to install for like taking luggage camping and stuff like that. And I was thinking of myself when I was packing I was like, and it folds up to like a small bag. I was like, I was asked my parents for that. And I was like, we're not going to need that at all. And there was a guy, man, I mean, there's a point well, the fabric cost more that would have been free, and would have only taken two minutes to install. And there was a point where we were sitting in the van, I have a book bag on my lap Amanda has it the baby's like squished every year we're like got the backpack back when I was like that point where I was thinking about taking that thing with my parents and giving that call. And I was like, No, I was like Never again, never again, like question my own intuition. So

Josh 31:07
I was like, small, but you know what? It was it was okay to drive around. And when we didn't have that trip that was because I mean that one was the airport. The airport was about shorter drive. Yes.

Cassie 31:20
It was it was what we were taking the luggage when we were when we were just driving around to get to amusement parks, or do you think it was fine? It was when we were trying to pack five people's were in the luggage for a week and a half. Yeah, like, like a week and a half where the clothes for five people plus the five people plus the car seat at a stroller, and you know, the random things that we had with us, like, all of us, all of us had our like, you know, backpacks with our laptops to so like, including man cup because he's in college and was taking his college class. So there was literally four backpacks, right, as well as the luggage.

Josh 31:59
Hold backpacks on our hands.

Cassie 32:01
We did not have to do that. But we were sitting in on our laps.

Josh 32:04
So we went to Orlando. And we so we decided we're going to do Dizzy while the kid is still young enough to enjoy it. So we went we did have our one workday in between. And then we went to Disney World Disney magic can magic the Magic Kingdom

Cassie 32:25
was Magic Kingdom because there's there's different if you've never been there. There's like different amusement parks like everyone's like, Oh, you're going to Disney World Disney World was not one place Disney World is got different amusement parks. So the first day we went to the Magic Kingdom because like if you're gonna go to Disney, like you want to go to the Magic Kingdom and also our daughter is like obsessed with Mickey and Minnie. So she wanted to go see Mickey minis house. And that is the castle that you see on all of the like Disney movies and things like that. So we're like months ahead of time. She's like, I'm gonna see Mickey.

Josh 33:02
When she actually really didn't there. So for like two seconds. Why? Why in the parade? Yeah. But that's cool. We made up for it later. Yeah, but we could I mean, we could spend hours here but Disneyland was cool.

Cassie 33:15
The Magic Kingdom bad. Yeah.

Josh 33:18
Disney World at Disney Studios.

Cassie 33:21
So anyway, what's the Magic Kingdom. And you said we didn't have don't have to spend forever here. But I want to, I wouldn't mind touching on a few things as far as the day. So it was really interesting, because while we were there, I was really excited for our daughter to do a bunch of different things. And then the things that she ended up loving are like, the basic rides that you can kind of do anywhere. So like she loved the the carousel with the horses. She did that a couple of times. She was like, I want to look for time. She was like, I want to get on the board seats. And there was the Dumbo ride, which she's always like elephants like elephants is like one of her favorite things. But it really is. And it's like the basic ride that you can get even going to

Josh 34:07
the rocket

Cassie 34:08
ship ride just goes up and down. Like you have like a little nothing. So like those were the two rides that she was really really really enthusiastic about the other stuff. She was just kind of like, Oh, I'm I'm along for the ride. Sure. Fine. This is she's been

Josh 34:24
talking about them those and she's been home. Oh, yeah. Oh, yes.

Cassie 34:27
She's got a little stuffed Dumbo that your mom got her because she likes elephants. And she's been taking that and putting her dolls on it. And like going oh, they're riding Dumbo and doing fun.

Josh 34:41
Yeah, so yeah, so I mean, basically we took her to Disney roto we could have just taken her to like a circus. But she was like carnival carnival.

Cassie 34:49
Like a local carnival what I've done

Josh 34:52
but everybody had fun. And and we did the dinner. Yeah,

Amanda 34:56
we did the dinner at the Be Our Guest restaurant which was just fabulous. I'm so glad that we ended up doing that. Um, when we first book the trip, we actually were like, We need to get in. It was a bucket signup account. Yes, we need to get in and we call this the Disney line and we're like, hey, you know, what can we do for reservations there? And like, they were like, you know, it's we have no reservations the entire time that you're here, we have nothing. And we're like, Okay, well, that's a bummer. And we got all the burning cats who's like, screw that. She's like, that is not my reality. Not my reality. But I am getting into VR get 20 minutes later, she had refreshed the page. And there was a reservation slot for 730 which is a perfect time because when with having a little line and everything we end a little bit earlier, I guess then over orchids one, so we got to 730 and little lion met the beast. Yeah.

Cassie 35:58
He comes through and like walks through the the restaurant. And she was seeing him from afar. And they have their little wranglers to keep the kids from like mauling the characters at Disney. And so he's like walking through, and she's like, waving from a bar. And she was like, really like, Oh, where are these? And then the food came out. And she was into her mac and cheese, fitting that into baby mac and cheese. She was really into that. And he came by and he has seen her from afar trying to wait. So he came back around close to where we were at, like right behind her right behind her. And like wait until all of us are like, look, look, look look behind you. He's right there. And she turns around,

Josh 36:38
there's a giant vase right under

Cassie 36:45
my body went like this. I mean, like, what how big was the beast?

Unknown Speaker 36:52
feet tall.

Cassie 36:53
It's ridiculous. So she like froze up. And then he left and she was like, Oh, I'm I'm so like, she was like she was like, Hi. Hi.

Cassie 37:03
Come back. I just I didn't know it was you. I'm so sorry.

Josh 37:07
That was a really that was a really cool experience. It was.

Amanda 37:11
I'm so glad we did it. So we did that.

Cassie 37:13
And it was really cool because we were able to go outside after like kind of at the end of dinner and see the fire or Yeah, because she heard them and she was like so you grabbed her up and took her out for

Josh 37:23
that. So we did that

Amanda 37:25
we did next day was the waterpark motor Park which was more for us bankruptcy and

Cassie 37:33
he's been saying he wanted to do a waterpark for a long time. So we went to typhoon, Typhoon good. So he he basically we were like you're here just go and went and did all the rides on his own. Because if there was a ride, so it's like, easy to like grab a tube and go through the day. And he like pieced out and the little lion wasn't feeling great that day. So she kind of nap through a lot of it. But she did see stitch which she was super thrilled about three or four times. Yeah, well, we parked our stuff right next to where they had him set up. So every time he came out, she was like stitch. So she got to see stitch

Josh 38:09
about and she made everybody needs to Yeah, we all got pictures of stitch. She was very upset

Cassie 38:13
that you did not meet him the first time. So it was like me and like I spoke her up and then she was like Dad, you're gonna be stitch dad and he was experienced. So each family member and the man who came back and she was like, bro, you need to meet stitch. So all of us met stitch and got our pictures with stitch and that was cool. He's silly guy, because he's a funny guy.

Amanda 38:34
Funny guy. He's silly and funny.

Cassie 38:36
She says, yeah, he was a really good actor. He was great. Like he was perfect.

Josh 38:44
And we did like we took a little lions. That was funny, too. So we did. We did. We did a couple rides at the end of the day. And we took the little lion we took the little lion on we have to remind me of your back Disneyland for a minute or something. I forgot that we talked about the first time we recorded this. Yeah, about what past. But we took a little lion on one of the rides I think the big family too, right? You could do and she was not really fun. And we got off. And we were like, do you want to do it again? And she was like, I can do it again. And we were like, do you want to do it again? And she was like no, but I can do it again. We're like no, you're fine. I appreciate the she was trying to take one for the team. She was trying to get a team player she was like waterpark was pretty cool. I mean you could spend you could spend days there like that thing. And you know when we left we went to try and find the one right and we hit all these years we don't even seem like Disneyland Disney World and

Cassie 39:44
you're talking about Magic Kingdom.

Josh 39:48
I forgot about the one I forgot about the space wrong thing.

Amanda 39:53
Yeah, so base mountain which were a space known Disneyland and Disney World. First of all,

Cassie 40:01
In the world in the Magic Kingdom there

Josh 40:05
Okay, so we went there I was like less than the only we would like to believe that the first year we were together so that was what 2015

Cassie 40:19
Idealab. So

Josh 40:21
I love you're as bad as with this stuff as I am almost

Cassie 40:24

Amanda 40:24
was our Thank you date keeper. Yeah,

Josh 40:27
that was a busy so we went I was like someone might just listen to the only rat I care about writing. We're here for the guys, you only writing care about writing space now. So we did space out. And when we were doing the little lioness, small Darius baseball, so we had to, like, you know, the rise that we were, you know, she was too small, right? We had to swap adults. And so what Amanda and I did it first. And like, and so you're like this long line, and like, you know, like, it's one of those rides where like the line, like the whole line, like you're in this like theme building. And then I would say, you know, this really feels like, if space was a reality, and this was just like, your boring spaceship commute to the space all day. Like, that's exactly what it felt like. So we just want to have like, we just want to have this whole conversation about like, the Dead Space office, the security, the front desk, drink all the coffee already.

Amanda 41:27
Again, again, every day, every single day, except for the day. She's off on Friday. And then we get up. And then we get up to like, we're at the right like,

Amanda 41:36
Alright, here we go and man cups here. And I'm here, Joshua behind me. Amanda was like, Alright, I'm ready. And he puts his hand on like the metal bar, you know, the metal bar, that light comes up so that you can get in. And he put his hands on the metal bar. And I was like, man, don't put that there. And I was like this guy do you think is his first day at the office?

Josh 41:57
Space train at work?

Amanda 41:58
Is this your first day?

Josh 41:59
Later, Cassie, and I tried to do it. Cassie. So Cassie, and I did speak about later. It was the last night it was late. And I was trying to explain this term at the time, there was no line. So we were just walking through and really just kind of destroyed the whole job. Just like I don't know what I don't get it stop. This was

Cassie 42:18
like, I'm glad y'all had a good time had a good commute to work staying in line for like 45 minutes. Whereas we did it as the last ride of the day for me and I just mosey through.

Josh 42:30
It wasn't nearly as funny. There was no like when you just walk right through the whole thing. There's no like, every day packs commute to the space office vibe. Not at all. It's just not fun anymore.

Amanda 42:43
So then after the waterpark, we took a day off

Josh 42:47
kind of we didn't we did a

Cassie 42:49
scrape. Yeah, we didn't. Yes. Yeah. We had first

Josh 42:52
place we've ever done in the scraper.

Amanda 42:53
Yeah, it was really?

Cassie 42:55
Yeah, it was very nostalgic. Because like we've been doing escape rooms for years since that point since 2015. And the first one we ever did was this place. And so we went back and did an escape room there. And they've got really cool rooms.

Josh 43:09
There to escape if you're in Florida. With a two. Yeah, actually. Two. We did lose. Yeah, but we

Cassie 43:18
also had a toddler. Yeah, we had had several days of being outdoors and 90 degree weather and being exhausted. And a two year old who was like, let me help and help. There was a point where one of the clues like her like Where's where's this piece of thing? Was Yeah, she was like, Where is this? We were all like where was it and like everybody was like the last person we saw it was a toddler. It was like okay, little lion. thing.

Josh 43:57
We're missing and number two the code. The next thing that we usually do when we know a three number code, which is Amanda's has every every other

Amanda 44:07
super it's it doesn't take any time at all.

Cassie 44:09
We'll just go we had it we had the clue. She got a trader in the room who doesn't even know they're a trainer. So he did that but was pretty like chill day. Like we and like we came back and we watched a little bit of like a movie and things like that Jungle Cruise. We watched a little tiny bit of Jungle Cruise,

Amanda 44:29
right? No, no. Jungle Cruise. No,

Cassie 44:35
no, I thought I thought we came back and like put something on for No, we tried. We tried and we couldn't get the TV working and then we were just like that but

Josh 44:42
then after that man couldn't find the remote. That's what it

Amanda 44:44
was. Then he found it in his bag.

Josh 44:48
He couldn't find it fire six are awesome when you're traveling. Yeah, but not when you lose the remote.

Cassie 44:54
So anyway, so it was kind of like more of a chill day and then we went to and Okay, Animal Kingdom in Disney World and Disney World. So Animal Kingdom was really, really amazing. And it was my first time ever there like, we've been to the Magic Kingdom before. But I've never been to the animal kingdom. And it's really cool because it's kind of like walking through a amusement park, along with a zoo. Like they have animal setups everywhere. And, like when you first like there's like, you know, an, you know, like, like, areas for each kind of animal, whether it's like monkeys or flamingos or whatever. So you're constantly seeing animals as you're going through the park. So yeah, so I really liked it, there was a lot of really awesome things. And when you're when you're in any of the, like Disney places, they have kind of like, neighborhoods. And it was really neat, because there's like different neighborhoods there. And, you know, like there's, you know, one for dinosaurs, but we didn't even get to really explore that one. But there

Josh 46:07
were we didn't step foot at

Cassie 46:09
a time we walked past it. So one of the big things was because the little lions didn't get to meet Mickey and Minnie, in the Magic Kingdom, they have a place to actually meet them in the animal kingdom. We're like, we've got to make this happen. So we did that. There's a lot of really good rides there too. Like I felt like the roller coasters were cool. But like, one of the things that I thought was really neat was sort of how they have things set up there.

Josh 46:45
So well the neighborhoods are cool. So like they had like the the like Asia neighborhood. And maninka like spent like 20 minutes talking to people about Komodo dragons.

Cassie 46:59
No Komodo dragons,

Josh 47:00
the people that were really serious about the Komodo dragons like well, they're not going to like spend like 20 hours talking about whether or not other dragons are venomous or not. They have like, yeah, they have like, like age and like African neighborhood avatar. They have Yeah, so that was actually my some my favorite thing at that at this whole age. Okay, it was actually pretty cool. I liked it better than than Disney.

Amanda 47:25
Magic Kingdom

Josh 47:26
Magic Kingdom. But I thought the coolest thing was so they have a you don't expect them to have like imaginary animal kingdoms. But they have Pandora which is the world from Avatar. And like the rides are cool. I mean, we did one there was one we didn't do for like two hours but the rides were cool. But the the world building like they have I mean, like, like Alien plants and like giant like floating mountains like they constructed like giant floating mountains from the movie, like, bigger than house size like, like these giant like mountains bigger than houses like 30 feet in the air like waterfalls coming down. Like, honestly, to me that was just like walking through that part was like one of the coolest things of about animal kingdom. That was pretty awesome. That was pretty great. Um what else? Oh, stickers. Fan stickers.

Amanda 48:34
So yeah, they do have stickers, stickers, and some people are really stingy with their stickers. And it's very frustrating. We have a toddler, okay. And she's got a little book, her little like, adventure guide book where like, you go to stations, you learn things, and you get a sticker. And then that's your badge and you put it in your book. And like everybody was super cool about it. She's like two so they're like, here, you know, touch this bear claw. And that's something.

Josh 49:06
What's something that's blue,

Amanda 49:08
The sky. Great. Here's your badge. And then we get to gorilla guy, Bob. Like, he's at the gorilla station. And he's like, he's just very serious about his job. How did you explain him?

Josh 49:22
Like I said you know, you get people who they they want to be doing something like really important, or they have a lot of responsibility. And then they don't and they like, drastically overcompensate. Yeah. It's like, I was gonna be a professor at MIT. And here I am teaching kids about gorillas like that. Yeah, nothing.

Amanda 49:50
So like, there's a girl. There's a little girl there that's like, what, six or seven years old?

Cassie 49:53
Six or seven years old? Yeah.

Amanda 49:54
And she's been staying there for a while. She was there when we got there. And he's like talking to her about there. Old fax and like trying to get him like recite gorilla fax back.

Cassie 50:06
So it's like this little like six or seven year old girl and he's like, Okay, so let me tell you X, Y, and Z. So what's the answer to this question? And she answered it wrong. And he's

Amanda 50:15
got the attitude of like, okay, let's go over this in yen.

Cassie 50:19
And so he like, goes back over. And he's like, okay, so he thought this was a six year old. And meanwhile, our two year old is sitting there with a little book, you know, like, 10 minutes,

Amanda 50:28
patiently waiting, like, hopeful and like, excited about life. And like, I'm learning so much like, I'm here with my adventure guide,

Cassie 50:37
and super happy and like, patient and like, for those of you who don't have children having a two year old sit still for 10 minutes. Yeah, like, like, almost. Yeah, like, that's like walking across water most of the time. So, you know, we're like, Okay, awesome. She's doing great. And he gets to her. And she's like, here's the book. And he's like, Well, you have to learn to earn. And he handed her no, so yeah, he handed her the sticker. That is like the sticker you get when you get the book. And it's not an animal sticker. So like, the ones that you earn, you get a sticker with that animal on it. And so, you know, she's gotten a couple others from some other places. And he hands her this sticker. And she looks at us, like, you know, in her own little toddler brain, like, this is BS. Like, this is not the sticker. I want the animal sticker that I just stood here for 10 minutes to earn, right? And he was like, no, she would have to answer questions you have to earn to learn. And I couldn't I was so angry, and we just kind of like walked away. And man Tom, he was like, I'm about to go over there and answer a fact and and like, intentionally hand my two year old sister the sticker

Josh 51:54
in front of him and say, You got to learn to earn. Big Brother. We're like, Dude, we're already.

Cassie 52:00
We're already aware. She's

Josh 52:02
already Oh, like, this is like 10 minutes later, she's already over it.

Cassie 52:06
But yeah, so that was ridiculous. And then later on, we went to go somewhere else. And we were talking to the person. Another another animals. There

Josh 52:14
was a Pandora actually Pandora. Yeah. Where she was learning alien plant

Cassie 52:18
facts. Yeah, alien plant facts.

Cassie 52:21
And, you know, like, basically like, and the woman there was, like, really cool. And she was like, Can you point to a plant, you know? Like, it's not like, Hey, you're two years old? You know, how many times a day does a girl eat? Right? So and we told her about it, and like her face was just like, and we were like, you know, all of the sticker. People know of Bob the sticker guy, gorilla, Bob, who, like doesn't hand out stickers. And

Josh 52:47
Bob, I hope you're listening to this. mad with power and you work at Disney.

Cassie 52:54
And you give out stickers,

Josh 52:55
your power and you give out stickers

Cassie 52:59
to toddlers collars, because they can't recite gorilla facts. So that happened. And

Josh 53:10
what else cool at Animal Kingdom? The article I actually like but I think those

Cassie 53:14
are kind of well, the last highlight I would say is the Jungle Cruise. Which we've never seen the movies so like we have on we didn't at the time. Yeah, we saw it afterwards. Because we were like, Oh, we did this right. We should probably

Amanda 53:27
watch man was pushing us to watch it.

Josh 53:30
Yeah, for a while. That was the long line we stood at Animal Kingdom.

Cassie 53:35
And that was really cool. We got on and like, you know, you go through and there's like, the the Jungle Cruise and and the girl who did it. Our who was

Amanda 53:44
like our tour guide Emily? Yeah.

Cassie 53:48
was amazing. Like she was like really sarcastic and everything through the whole thing. And like when we were trying to get off, she was like standing there. And she was like, so we're coming to an end and I just keep going around and around and around

Josh 54:05
your Italy.

Cassie 54:06
I don't ever have every day.

Josh 54:08
I dream about this place in my sleep. She was really funny. We're really wondering awkwardly. How many of those lines? What's his last one? She was like, oh, like my parents said when I got my bachelor's degree and

Cassie 54:19
again, work here and Disney. You're free ride is over. Free Ride is over. Get out of here and take all your stuff with you. Like I was like

Josh 54:28
we were had this discussion. We're like, how much of that is scripted? And how much of that is her? Yeah, I don't know. But that was pretty like, Is that reasonable? Were like my parents would I don't know. But it was it was it was great. She was awesome. That was great.

Cassie 54:42
Emily, you are great. Yeah, thank you.

Josh 54:46
So that was I mean, we had a couple more days with another escape room so I'll have to check exhibit. We did some like staying. We did we did. It was fun. It was fun.

Cassie 54:55
I highly recommend the Titanic thing. If you're like a history buff or whatever and you're in Florida. That was Really cool. That was pretty good scale was impressive. It was neat. It was really neat exhibit.

Josh 55:05
But yeah, it was it was really cool. And like, I think, I think we actually took time off. And we actually came back like, refreshed and like, and I say off. And I mean, we did you know, we handle clients were so nice to handle clients, we, you know, they knew we were on vacation, we kept to kind of tone down. And like, you know, who's telling most and all business stuff. And like, I definitely came back like, Yeah, let's do it. Hey, let's make it interactive training.

Cassie 55:31
Let's record for like, eight hours

Josh 55:34
straight. So but so that was really good and necessary, I think. But I am curious what everybody's favorite part of vacation was, before we wrap up, because we kind of like, covered a lot of ground,

Amanda 55:47
I have to, I have to I can't choose one, they're both the same. Level, they're both the same level. So the first one for me, if we're going linearly, is, um, being on the Gulf of Mexico. Like, it was really, really awesome to eat meals with the kids on the, on the balcony, looking over at the water. Like, that was amazing. That experience I remember for the rest of my life, it was amazing. And then the other one was the Be Our Guest restaurant. I'm really happy we made that happen.

Amanda 56:22
Also, I'm super duper into food. So of course, both mine have food involved. But like the food there

Amanda 56:27
was just phenomenal. Like, kids had a great time, they had gluten free options, so like men could actually eat and like, yeah.

Josh 56:40
That's awesome. Radio.

Cassie 56:42
So I'm gonna take your question to make it like on because, for me, it wasn't like one specific thing, right? It was the feeling of the vacation of like going and actually doing all the things that we planned and then going really well, and just the entire atmosphere around it. So it wasn't like one particular thing. It was the vacation in and of itself the like, way that like, you know, we had these things that we wanted to do that we've been planning and actually seeing them like come to life and be real. And it was my biggest thing.

Josh 57:20
So for me since Amanda stole mine. No, I will say and I know it is kind of funny, but it but actually the like I said that was I'm glad we made that choice with the room. Like there was something really magical about that space. And just like being there and like having the beach right there and the view and like, that was really that was way more than that was like really expecting and that was and like it isn't a specific moment. But that was pretty awesome. For me that I'll kind of running with your answer, I guess a little bit. I think one of the coolest things for me, we actually discussed this a little bit was like, you know, I'm always like a very like, go go go. And I'm always like looking to the next thing. And I don't, I'm getting much better at it. But I don't I don't spend a lot of time enjoying, like, or I historically I correct myself getting even better at those. I historically have not spent like coaching, coaching, I historically have not been very good about being satisfied with where I'm at or like President was where I'm at. I'm usually like, you know, like, Okay, here's what we're doing cool. Got it like on the next thing. And I think the coolest thing for me is this is one of the first times I can remember that I had a goal, nothing to hit like that happens. I've been doing that for years, right? But like how to go hit it. And like actually gave myself the space to enjoy it to where the experience was just as good as I imagined it being instead of being like, cool, got it, whatever next thing like and not even enjoying it at all. And that to me, I think was really fantastic. And it just occurred to me that this is the system fine. Because this whole conversation started with well, you know, why do we do this whole thing is why we did it because we know we're never going to get down there later in the year. So now the conversation we're not having, I can very well see us back in Florida in the winter. And if we do some of the same stuff, it will be much cooler. Yeah, so cooler, Temperature wise,

Cassie 59:47
and I think it'll be cooler because we'll just keep up leveling the amazing things that we do. Cooler on

Josh 59:55
all fronts. All right. I think that is it for us. You have to come back on soon. If nothing else to discuss things we don't have time to discuss today. I'm pretty sure an hour we're pushing most people's attention spans already.

Cassie 1:00:10
But if you have more attention span or a little bit later, definitely go check out the the training that we talked about that we put together, oh, no question do that. Absolutely do that. Maybe take a break, use the bathroom, do something like that, and then check it out, because you're gonna want to have your full focus on it.

Josh 1:00:25
Like I said, it's with a touch and forward slash pillars, and definitely hit that. Alright, we will see you all here again, very soon.

Josh 1:00:41
Thanks for tuning into today's show. We release new episodes every week. So make sure to subscribe.

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