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Before we go any further, let’s make sure you’re in the right place. Let’s start with who this site isn’t for:

If you:

  • Have preconceived notions of what relationships should look like.
  • Find frank discussions of polyamory, non-monogamy, sexuality, or kink unsettling.
  • Consider advice written for a diverse variety of gender identities, sexual orientations, and races disturbing.

Than it’s probably best for all of us if you leave now.

Still here? Good.

If you’re smart and successful, kinky or non-monogamous, and you want:

  • To find, attract, and keep quality partners without resorting to sleazy PUA tactics.
  • To move a relationship from casual to committed.
  • To have successful non-monogamous relationships,
  • To build the relationships you want, whether for an evening or for a lifetime.

Than welcome. We’re delighted to have you, and we want to provide you the advice you need to build extraordinary relationships in an ordinary world. If you want to learn more, a good pace to start is with our free video on the four biggest ways you sabotage your relationships.

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Because of Touch of Flavor I now know what type of partner and person I want to be.

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Thanks for helping us spice it up! We are having such a fun time exploring all the new things we have learned together.

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The Types of Men You Meet in Online Dating

Online dating can be a minefield for anyone. When you’re kinky, and you identify yourself as such, you get a wide variety of messages: hilarious, irritating, flattering, confusing and just plain gross. After a period of time using a popular dating site and a hookup app, I began noticing that most of the men on these sites fall into one of five categories. I have written up these Online Dating Archetypes and their typical messages here for your entertainment.

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These Eleven Immature Dating Habits Are Killing Your Chances

When someone we’re dating decides to move on it’s easy to blame them for the end of the relationship. It’s much harder to acknowledge the truth that our own bad habits are often at fault. Relationship after relationship we keep making the same mistakes, and wonder why we keep getting the same results. It’s the very definition of insanity. If this sounds like you, I want to help. Here are eleven immature dating habits that you should start breaking today:

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Regarding Orlando: A Plea for Accountable Faith

Part of educating is addressing important events that arise, particularly ones that directly affect members of our community. Orlando is a reminder that even though there have been some big wins around LGBTQ rights recently the world is still a long way from tolerance. We can force the guise of tolerance on people by passing much-needed reforms, but until we can start to address some of the root problems behind this intolerance it will never get better. I was raised in a religious household. Most organized religions demonize LGBTQ people and this lifestyle. That demonization is a direct cause of much of the intolerance LGBTQ people suffer, and under the right circumstances that intolerance leads to violence. Sweeping these very real issues under the rug in the name of political correctness is no longer an option. This post addresses this problem far better than I ever could.

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Dating: When Fairness Matters, and When It Doesn’t

We often hear the word “fair” used to describe our dating relationships. Our definition of fairness is often vague, because most of us use the word to describe a sort of ideal, healthy dating relationship without ever stopping to consider what “fair” actually means. Since we view it more as an ideal than a skill we never stop to consider what “fair” actually means. That’s a problem, because if you want to find, get, and keep quality partners, fairness is a skill you have to master.

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