#103: WTF Do We Do Anyway?

You know how once in a while someone tells you something so obvious that you feel silly for not seeing it before?

We had one of those moments the other day.

We had a new client start working with us. Now, this is someone who known us (Josh and Cassie) personally for years. In fact, we’ve been friends since before we started coaching.

His second day in the program, we were on a phone call, and he was reeling:

He’s known us for years. Listened to every podcast episode. And yet a day into the program he realized he had no idea WTF we do! He just heard “it” (whatever it was) works. But he was shocked at the lengths we go to help people turn their relationships around. He had no idea how transformational it is. And he wanted to know: 


Point taken.

In this episode we pull back the curtain. We reveal exactly how we help poly folks pull their relationships back from the breaking point and get back the love and passion. 

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