#087: Where did the spark go?

“We don’t feel like partners. We feel like roommates.”

Sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone.

In fact, the most frequent complaint we hear from polyamorous folks is that they feel disconnected in their relationship…

They’ve lost the spark…

They’ve fallen out of love…

They feel like roommates…

They’re living parallel lives…

The wording varies, but here’s the problem: If you spend too long feeling disconnected from a partner, those clichés become true. You DO start growing apart. You start living parallel lives. And eventually, you become more like roommates than partners. After all, what separates the two if not that feeling of connection?

Here’s the good news: Not only can you get that spark back. But you can get back to a place where you’re every bit as much in love with your partner(s) as when you first met.

And if you’re in a newer relationship where you’re still feeling the connection? There are ways to keep from ever falling out of love in the first place.

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