#073: What (and Who) We Got Into at Camp

This episode is all about camp. We talk about the wonderful naughtiness we got into — sexing in a lightning storm, taking down a fox, a simulated drowning scene, and more. We also reply to listeners who were at camp and have some questions about our scenes.

A human wearing rainbow suspenders, rainbow socks, sparkly rainbow Doc Johnson boots, and a purple feeldoe... ready for a femme mixer at camp
Looks like a good outfit for a femme mixer…

Questions in this episode

  • How do we plan and execute our co-topping scenes?
  • How do we pick who we co-top?
  • How (and when) when do we negotiate consensual non-consent scenes?
  • We went to camp, now my partner seems down and strangely introspective. What’s the deal?
  • Where did we get the awesome hood used in our Sunday scene?

Resources Mentioned

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