#083: Ultimatums, Quality Time, and The Problem With OPP

When you’re poly (and kinky), do you have to watch your partner get it on? How do you tell your partner “it’s them or me?” How do you handle submissives who are on their period? Do Cassie and Rigel have an OPP (one penis policy)? We got so many questions submitted for the Q&A episode that we decided to do two, so in this episode, Cassie answers these questions and more.

Questions in this episode

  • When you are poly and kinky, do you have to watch your partner get down and dirty?
  • Can you be polysaturated with one partner?
  • How can I get more quality time with my partner?
  • How do I tell my partner “it’s them or me?”
  • We’re in a triad, but they’re more connected. What do I do?
  • I have a high sex drive, but my partner thinks he’s asexual. Should we open things up?
  • My partner was fine with me being poly… but now she’s not.
  • Do Cassie and Rigel have a One Penis Policy (OPP)? 
  • How do I interact with submissives who are on their period?

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