#009: Taboo Fantasies, Unicorn Hunting, and Sex After Kids

How do you make a taboo fantasy a reality? How can a couple find their third? What should you do when your toddler has destroyed your sex life? On today’s episode, Cassie and Rigel answer these questions and more.

PLUS: An (awesome) mom whose son has recently come out to her as gay and kinky reaches out for advice.

Questions in this episode

  • My son came out to me gay and kinky. Help!
  • Ways to educate yourself when both you and your partner are new to BDSM
  • Finding classes, socials, and events using Fetlife.
  • How do we add a third to our existing couple?
  • Unicorn hunters have a bad rap. Here’s why.
  • Am I still kinky if I haven’t been actively involved in BDSM lately?
  • How to have a fulfilling sex/kink life with a toddler in the house.

Resources Mentioned

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