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Every day our polyamorous clients are healing their relationships and reconnecting with their partner(s). These are their stories.

"Excellent program. Absolutely relationship saving."

Matt and Elizabeth

“When we are good, we are so fucking good. We’re like the dream team. We needed to find it again, and we needed some help to do that.”


“What we gained out of this is so much more effective and efficient than the cost of a divorce. Having been through that… I would happily spend twice the price.”


“My life is very full right now”

Renee and Jerry

“Joining MOR was the best decision we’ve made for our relationship since the day we said ‘I do’.”


“I thought to myself:  I have a man who loves me 100% unconditionally… If the one thing’s that causing a problem for us is the fact that I’m having problems with his naturally poly style… I was either going to get out of the relationship or I was going to figure it out. I decided that with Cassie’s help I was going to figure it out.”


“It’s just the most thought out, most creative thing i could have imagined… I am so happy that we did this… best decision we’ve made in years…”

Brad and "M"

“The biggest takeaway for me is that the course itself is build on the fact that you value people and what they can be. And you give people the chance to be that person with someone they love.”


Taken with permission from one of our Mastering Open Relationship calls, one of our clients describes how she and her partner have achieved results in their first four weeks in the program that have eluded them for six years.

Mark and "E"

“We as a couple are doing better than we ever have… even from our early days where we were crazy enamored.”


“I was watching our relationship slowly deteriorate – and it was painful and excruciating, and I didn’t want it to end that way.” 

Kristina and Wolf

“We’re stronger than ever, we understand each other better, and everything we picked up isn’t just applicable to your relationships… all of the skills apply in your everyday life.”

Clarity & Purposeful Movement Forward


Touch of Flavor brings logic and emotion together to help couples see what is disrupting their relationships and allows them to build a base from which to start moving in a positive direction.

Cassie is amazing


Cassie is amazing,

I really didn't know what to think about what I was going through. I knew I had never really fit in anywhere along the "normal" spectrum, but I thought I was the only one. We muddled through our marriage, and I just continued to think that there was something wrong with me. I knew that I was bisexual, but I didn't know what polyamory was, I had never heard the word before, let alone understood the concept. I just thought I was broken, until I came across one of her articles.

Suddenly things made sense, and I wasn't ALONE in my feelings. I saw that she was giving a class near me, and decided to attend. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

She introduced me to a wealth of non-vanilla literature, and provided support listening to all of our concerns. She is kind, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and damn funny as well.

I *highly* recommend her to anyone who thinks they may be a little bit more flavorful than their beige surroundings and looking for some information. I was completely lost without her, and she provides such personal care and follow-up. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Thank you Cassie.

We are super happy!


Things are going exceptionally well for us. We are back on board with our future plans for a family. I was SO worried that we would never work it out... but I can't explain to you how much your communication techniques saved our relationship. ? You are amazing and will no doubt be getting many more recommendations from me!

Cassie, thank you from the bottom of my heart


Cassie, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I truly believe that you were instrumental in making my relationship with the man I love what it is today. You provided us with the skills, suggestions, and proverbial ass kick that we both needed in order to make our primary relationship work. I am forever grateful to you. I know that neither of us made this easy on you but you were professional the entire time. You are amazing ?

Absolutely relationship saving

Daka David

Excellent program. Absolutely relationship saving.

Long Term Poly Folks Need Help Too!


My husband and I have been together for over 12 years and have been in some sort of open relationship arrangement for most of that time. While both of us agreed that we wanted an open relationship, we differed in the types of relationships we needed to feel satisfied and happy. Although polyamory wasn’t new to us (we’ve both had serious, casual, and live-in partners) and we had been to traditional couples counseling TWICE, we were still struggling to find solutions to our polyamory specific problems.

When we stumbled upon Touch of Flavor, it felt very much like a last resort to us. If this didn’t work for us, nothing ever would.

Thankfully, Cassie and her team gave us the concrete solutions and support we needed to identify and work through our “sticking points”. They helped us recognize the places where we were already doing well and gave us the tools to bolster our weakness and start to repair the years of damage and mistrust that had become a pattern in our relationship. They were there for us literally whenever we needed them. Their support and working through the course was well worth the time and money.

Our marriage was in the brink of collapse. We really wanted to stay together; we still loved one another and felt strongly about not wanting to split up our family. At the same time, we just weren’t sure that our wants and needs were compatible. By enrolling in Master Open Relationships, taking the advice of Cassie and her team, and really working through the modules and assignments, we were able to pull ourselves back from the edge of matrimonial disaster.

I would highly recommend “Mastering Open Relationships” to anyone considering the course.

From Mono to Poly

Jessicka Schubert

My partner and I decided to open the dynamic of our already established relationship 11 months ago, just blindly without really knowing what How to go about it. We struggled at first and fought almost daily. We sought traditional counseling but it clashed with our desire for a happy poly lifestyle. I just happened to stumble upon Touch of Flavor’s podcast. After listening to the podcast I decided I didn’t want to struggle anymore trying to navigate through these changes in our relationship on my own.

Cassie’s coaching helped give us the tools and skills that we weren’t taught so that we could work together better and build our relationship in the direction we wanted.

Amazing program and people


Being completely honest, I was very skeptical of this program at the start. In the 12 years that my wife and I had been together and open we had seen therapists, we had been to support groups, we had done research and just about anything else you can think of. All of that had improved things, but not enough.

We seemed to hit road blocks and dead ends in every conversation. We just didn’t think we were compatible. My wife stumbled upon touch of flavor and we watched a short video. We had an introductory call. I sat there the whole time thinking to myself “What could they possible say or do that we haven’t tried? and was it worth the price to find out the answer?” My wife was persistent and talked me into it. So here are my answers.

1. What could they possibly say or do that we haven’t tried? A whole lot.
2. Was it worth the price to find out the answer to question 1? Yes, it was worth every penny

This is not some miracle trick that magically fixes everything. This is a logical, thorough and creative series of exercises to get all parties on the same page and working together. The effort you put in will be what determines your success and your future. Right from the beginning we noticed changes. We realized that the huge roadblocks were blinding us from the good things. We learned great tools to help us work though those roadblocks that seemed impossible. We learned strategies for building all of our relationships into the healthiest they could be. Yes, there will always be hurdles, but they are just that. They are not the impenetrable walls we thought they were. Now we have effective strategies for getting over them.

Cassie and Josh are amazing people with creative and logical ideas and solutions. They each bring a tremendous amount of knowledge and insight to their interactions. They are open, honest, caring and extremely supportive. Going though trying to repair relationships that have crumbled or just learning how to have better ones, they are exactly the people I would want standing by me.

My boyfriend and I have been together…


My boyfriend and I have been together for 8.5 years. He is polyamorous, but I am mostly monogamous. A while back, in spite of the deep love we have for each other, I had gotten to the point where my jealousy and insecurity had become so painful, I wasn't sure if I could continue being in the relationship, and the thought broke my heart.

But then, somehow, I got the idea in my head that perhaps some kind of poly counseling or coaching would help. I looked around and discovered A Touch of Flavor. I was a bit nervous, but Cassie made me feel very comfortable and assured me she would do everything she could to help me deal with the issues in my relationship. We had several sessions during which she gave me assignments designed to build up my self-confidence, and celebrated every accomplishment with me as though I was her best friend. She was also instrumental in helping me and my boyfriend foster better communication between us and create a relationship agreement we were both satisfied with.

Bottom line? Cassie and A Touch of Flavor saved my relationship, and I still use the lessons I learned today. I would recommend her to anyone in any kind of polyamorous relationship. She knows her stuff and really cares about helping people.

Cassie is great


Cassie is great, and was a big help to us.

I learned a lot through the Mastering…


I learned a lot through the Mastering Open Relationships course, the group calls helped me feel not alone in our struggles and the one on one calls provided a lot of individual support and encouragement. I especially appreciated being able to email anytime to vent or work through a tough spot or celebrate wins. I’m looking forward to being part of the Momentum to have a space to check in.

We are better, happier, and more realized people

Brian Grace-Duff

My partner and I are not kinky, and may never be poly (this course has given us some vague curiosities about poly, but I do not think that will ever be more than a curiosity) but this course is the best thing that has ever happened to our relationship.

It changed our relationship. It gave us the tools we always wanted to communicate and taught us to trust that the desire to grow is there in each of us. It gave us a community to share challenges and successes with... an essential part to keep going when things got difficult. It made us commit - to one another and to a path of improvement. It re-ignited our understanding and our passion. It showed us how to make a foundation that replaces the assumption of how things "should be" with what works for us. It showed us how to make sure that foundation is an evolutionary thing.

I cannot say enough good things about the deeply personal care we received from Cassie and the entire team, but I do know that we are better, happier, and more realized people for having done the work. If you are even considering it, you should do it.

The best relationship coaching we could hope for


My wife and I went into this with our interest in exploring open relationships, specifically polyamory. What we did not expect was how much what we were learning to be as impactful to OUR relationship as they have been. The tools we have used and learned about in developing relationships have been wonderful and insightful. We have always felt we have had a good relationship this is taking us to a new level as we begin searching for others to include in our lives.

I cannot say enough good about Touch of Flavor. So very worth it to us.

Cassie and Josh are great


Cassie and Josh are great! This is definitely a course where the more time you invest the more you will get out of it. They are flexible with our schedule and are very knowledgeable and helpful.

I came into the course with fears around losing my partner and being envious of time and money spent on someone besides me. I'm leaving it with a better appreciation of what I can do to step back and be actively working with those feelings and I haven't let them control me as much as I have before.

One thing I would improve is their follow up with people and checking in. It'd be great for an email every week to just say "what's new? how are things going?" because life is busy and it's nice for your coach to offer help even in those busy times.

It's been such a great experience and I really recommend this course to anybody interested in polyamory.

Is it worth it ?

Jon Pipkin

Is it worth it ?I would have to say yes me an my wife of ten years were on the verge of throwing in the towel we both wanted different things and not sure how to achieve them.

One day out of the blue seen an add for there free call scheduled it and it all feel in to place things are so much better, and even now when we have struggles we refer to the program and what we have learned from it.

They also have been more then accommodating with our crazy schedules and have a real true compassion to see the people who they are working with succeed there's true compassion and caring and the support system is truly worth it.

Thanks again so much for all the help

M and J

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