What They're Saying...

Every day our clients are creating amazing polyamorous relationships.  These are their stories.


“What we gained out of this is so much more effective and efficient than the cost of a divorce. Having been through that… I would happily spend twice the price.”


“My life is very full right now”


“I thought to myself:  I have a man who loves me 100% unconditionally… If the one thing’s that causing a problem for us is the fact that I’m having problems with his naturally poly style… I was either going to get out of the relationship or I was going to figure it out. I decided that with Cassie’s help I was going to figure it out.”


Taken with permission from one of our Mastering Open Relationship calls, one of our clients describes how she and her partner have achieved results in their first four weeks in the program that have eluded them for six years.


“I was watching our relationship slowly deteriorate – and it was painful and excruciating, and I didn’t want it to end that way.” 

Kristina and Wolf

“We’re stronger than ever, we understand each other better, and everything we picked up isn’t just applicable to your relationships… all of the skills apply in your everyday life.”

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