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#043: Breaking the Stigma with Jenelle Pierce of The STD Project

Today we are talking with Jenelle Marie Pierce, Founder & Executive Director of The STD Project, spokesperson for, and tri-chair of the Communications Actions Group at the National Coalition for Sexual Health. We discuss hype vs reality when it comes to STIs, how you should think about evaluating risk in your relationships, STIs and polyamory, evaluating the conflicting information surrounding STI’s, the common struggles folks face when they test positive for STI’s, and the activism and education that The STD Project is providing in the sexual health arena.

#042: I’m poly. They’re mono. WTF do I do?

One of you is polyamorous. The other is monogamous. Everyone is telling you that you’re incompatible, and selfish to boot. That’s BS. This week’s episode features audio from a recent Facebook Live where we told you why what you’ve been told is dead wrong, and how BOTH partners in a poly/mono couple can be empowered and fulfilled.

#041: POC and Poly with Ruby Johnson

Ruby Johnson, sex therapist and educator, joins us to discuss the challenges people of color face in the poly community and in their non-monogamous relationships. We talk with Ruby on what is happening now in polyamorous community, and ways we could make it more inclusive at the individual, community and leadership levels. We also talk about the various groups Ruby has worked with and started to bring awareness to this subject, some of the myths and stigmas causing problems for people of color in the poly community, and common challenges that interracial poly groups and couples face when navigating their relationships.

#039: No, Poly Isn’t Easy (and Other Common Myths In The Community)

On today’s episode, we explore the four most harmful myths about polyamory… three of which are coming from INSIDE the poly community. We see these myths pop up time and time again, and want to debunk them once and for all to help folks build and sustain amazing relationships. Understanding these myths and taking action upon them will be an enormous step in your poly journey.

#038: Community – The Good, the Challenging, and the Intentional

If you’re poly or kinky you’ve likely realized the importance of surrounding yourself with a community of like-minded people. Today we’re speaking with Sarah Taub Sarah on what community is, why it’s important to have one, the difference between a commune and an intentional community, and how an individual can take steps towards joining a community or starting their own. Sarah also explains why clear communication, strong boundaries, and the ability to hold space are even more crucial in communities, and discusses effective ways to resolve conflict in a community.

#037: Rainbow Umbrellas, Vegan Apple Pie, and How Polys Pay the Bills

Today’s episode features Part 2 of our Q&A! We kick it off with a question regarding moving in with someone you have never met in person, and how it may change the power dynamic. Next, we give our thoughts on the ideal living arrangements for poly triads, tackle the issues of guilt and fear, how to divide time in a group dynamic, and where to turn during a wrongful accusation of a consent violation. Finally, we share the announcement of our Desire Map, and why it can be a game changer for you and your partner(s).

#036: Poly Myths, the Dominant Perspective, and Hot Mermaid Chicks

Today’s episode is part one of a two part Q&A, and we love hearing your questions and experiences, keep them coming! We talk about: building a poly-friendly society, the emotions behind jealousy and guilt in open relationships, the biggest myths of monogamy, what to do when a fantasy goes wrong, and intricacies between multiple partners in different power dynamics.

#035: Consent and Sexual Freedom With Susan Wright

If you’ve been listening to our show you’ve heard us mention the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) many times. On today’s episode we’re speaking with the NCSF’s founder Susan Wright about the important work the NCSF is doing, the current climate around kink and polyamory, and what to do if being kinky lands you in trouble. We’re also taking a deep dive into that most critical of topics – consent. We discuss the importance of consent, best practices for obtaining consent, and resources that are available if your consent is violated (or you’re accused of violating someone’s consent).

#034: You’re Not Broken: BDSM, Injury, and Illness

Although we all hope it will never happen to us, at some point in our lives we will have to deal with an injury or illness that will affect our play partners, our loved ones, and our sex life. Today we’re going to discuss the painful struggles, the frustrating role reversals, and the disappointing emotions that result from having chronic pain or serious injuries in a BDSM relationship. We’ll also give you some advice on how to cope with these issues so you can enjoy your relationships, your sex, and your play again.

#033: My Poly Family: A Teen Answers Your Questions

As poly parents we have a lot of questions around the effects that our relationships have on our children. So, we decided to get the answers from straight from the horse’s mouth. Mancub (our teenager) has grown up in a poly household since he was a toddler. He’s met (some of) our partners, formed sibling relationships with other polycule kids, cohabited with two of our partners who lived with us, and come out about his family at school. In this very special episode he’s going to give you the brutally honest answers to your questions about the good… and the bad… of growing up in an openly poly household.

#032: Pornhub Drama, Njoy Bloopers, and Wonder Woman

What do you say when your ten year old saw you on Pornhub (with someone other than your husband)? Can you be happy after discovering kink and then leaving it behind? What should you do when your dog swallows your butt plug (and your vet is threatening to file a report)? What skills do you need to survive as a monogamous person with a non-monogamous partner? On today’s episode Cassie and Rigel answer these questions and more. PLUS: Cassie finds a cuddle buddy, we review Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman, and we answer your questions about unhealthy relationships.

#031: Touch of Flavor’s Guide to Healthy Power Exchange

Power exchange. For some of us, it’s a need every bit as important as religion, being non-monogamous, or having a child. But as the power dynamic encroaches further into everyday life, boundaries can get murky. In a relationship built on inequality, what exactly constitutes a healthy relationship? On today’s episode we’re talking about power exchange, the rights of a submissive, and what it takes to build a power exchange relationship where all parties are healthy and thriving.

#030: The Power of Forgiveness with Sri Richard and Sri Namaste

Forgiveness is a powerful and necessary tool in any relationship; one most of us take it for granted. Mustering up empathy and compassion for those we feel have wronged us is incredibly difficult. But in if you want to solve conflict and create healthy relationships, mastering forgiveness is essential. Today we are talking to Sri Richard and Sri Namaste about the role of forgiveness in our relationships (and in our lives as a whole). We are going to talk how to connect with your partners, let go of past hurt, communicate productively, and why forgiveness should never be mistaken for weakness.

#029 Beyond Orgasms – A Guide To Sexual Pleasure with Yarah Sutra

Today we are going to be talking the Pleasure Priestess Yarah Sutra. We’re going to be discussing how to create pleasure, why orgasms don’t always matter, and why many of us are looking at pleasure the wrong way. We are also going to cover why you need to love your private parts, how to feel sexually empowered, and how to have fulfilling sexual experiences while saying fuck you to the patriarchy.


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