#056: Should I tell my boss I’m poly?

How can you encourage your wife to get freaky with her boyfriend when you’re out of town? What are some tips for navigating jealously? Where does a dragon find a couple? Should you tell your prospective employer that you’re poly? On this episode, we answer these questions and more.

PLUS: We recount our New Years Eve debauchery, and Rigel’s week-long project to re-work our website has taken a month.

Questions in this episode

  • My wife is going to have a playmate stay with her while I’m out of town and is worried about my feelings. How can I encourage her to have fun when I’m gone?
  • How do you handle jealousy when there’s no external cause (i.e. being neglected)?
  • Did you have any mentors to help you navigate polyamory?
  • I’m a dragon looking to date a couple. How do I find people who are interested in more than sex?
  • I’m dating online and fell hard for someone I’ve never met IRL. Has this ever happened to you?
  • I’m part of an established, entwined quad. My current job knows about my family, but I’m changing companies. Should I tell my new boss about my situation?
  • How do you re-negotiate play and poly with your long-term Master?

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