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Kinky Fun Ways to make sure you get in your Breast Exams


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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I’m sure we’ve all been touched by cancer in some way, shape or form in our lives. Women are taught the importance of monthly breast self-exams, the best time being the week after one’s menstrual cycle when the breast tissue is the smoothest and unfamiliar lumps and bumps are most easily discovered.

There’s definitely a way to make breast exams MUCH more fun and sexy at the same time!  If you have a regular partner, it’s probably safe to say they’re likely as familiar with the feel of your breasts as you are.  Both men AND women have a vested interest in keeping women’s breasts healthy and early detection is the best way to find and get treatment for, any problems that may occur.

Exams are best done with one or both arms done above the head, which instantly makes me think of combining some bondage/restraint of the hands to a headboard or bedposts.  Silk scarves can be used or wrist restraints, paying attention to the circulation in the hands of course.  Your partner can then start with some light caressing of the breasts, making sure to check the entire area.  Sure, exams are important but that’s not to say they can’t lead to something much more!  Adding in some nipple play with fingers to make sure there’s no leakage of fluids or blood certainly serves a twofold purpose.  Check; clean breast exam not to mention those interesting feelings of arousal, along with some mystery and uncertainty of what comes next as you’re helplessly immobilized.

And while we’re on the subject of nipples, keep in the mind they are usually very sensitive and one can drive their partner wild before any attention has ever been given to more areas.  Licking and nipping lightly (or not so lightly, depending on your preference) can have her squirming around quite effectively.  Throw in some pinching or nipple clamps and I can almost guarantee your partner will have your undivided attention.

The key to breast and nipple stimulation is for it to be arousing, so start slow and easy until you know exactly what you like.  Some women love to have their nipples pinched hard and it will lead them to orgasm, while others may not be able to cum that way.  The most important part is communication and to make it FUN as well as sexy.  If it’s not enjoyable, it rather defeats the purpose (unless you’re a masochist or submit to a sadist).

If you enjoy bondage, let’s not forget all the areas that can be in the spotlight.  Bondage is not just for arms, legs, and feet.  Breast bondage can be quite enjoyable and will heighten sensations.  As with any bondage, it’s always important to start slowly and to always remember safety.   Make sure to have a good pair of scissors close at hand so that you can release your partner quickly if needed.  Experiment with different diameters and types of rope as they will feel different on the skin.

Start at the base of the breast and always make sure to leave some tissue exposed so that you can judge the color and temperature of the skin.  As I mentioned earlier sensation will be really enhanced while the breasts are bound so start easy and work up to whatever the level of sensation is desired.

The really great thing about kink is it can be whatever you want it to be, light and fun to enhance your sex life or more intense if that’s what you want.  Needless to say, mutual consent must always be involved and a safe word that both parties know to make sure play ends if need be.

So, think pink and be safe, healthy and sexy!

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