#057: Protecting Your Relationships is Just Good Poly

We get a lot of shade from internet warriors when we talk about protecting your existing relationships.

These comments usually sound like this: “If you feel that you need to protect any of your relationships then polyamory isn’t for you.”

That’s a lie, plain and simple. And folks who treat their relationships this way tend to wind up single and brokenhearted in short order.

Here’s the truth: Wanting to protect your existing relationships doesn’t mean that you’re bad at poly. It doesn’t mean that you value new partners less than old ones, or even prescribe a hierarchical relationship structure. It’s a way of ensuring that the relationships you do have are nurtured and allowed to reach their fullest potential.

On this episode, we’re going to discuss how protecting your relationships is the best way to ensure that ALL your relationships are happy and healthy, no matter what their structure.

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