#074: Prodommes, Pride, and Poly Problems

How do you tell one of the partners in your quad that you no longer want a romantic relationship? Can you still find people to play with if you have herpes? What’s the best way for a couple to find a professional dominant? On this episode, we answer these questions and more.

PLUS: We ponder the usefulness of hierarchical language, and discuss if polyamory has a place at Pride.

Questions in this episode

  • How do I get my vanilla boyfriend to try new things without freaking him out?
  • I’m no longer romantically attracted to one of the partners in my quad. How do I tell her?
  • What is the best way for my husband and me to find a prodomme?
  • How do I convince prospective partners that I’m gay even though I don’t like receiving anal?
  • We found out we have genital warts and herpes. Can we still play with others?
  • How do I find single(ish) poly people that want to start a family?
  • Does using terms like “primary” and “secondary” help (or hurt) relationships?
  • Does polyamory fall under the LGBTQ+ umbrella?

Resources Mentioned

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