#003: Possessed Cat, Coming Out, and Painful Penetration

How do you come out as kinky and poly? What should you do about a boss who saw your bruises? What’s the best way to turn down unwanted play? How do you fit larger toys in smaller spaces? In our first ever Q&A episode, Cassie and Rigel answer these questions and more.

Plus, our possessed cat scares off some missionaries after they try to save Cassie’s soul.

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Questions in this episode

  • Can poly and kinky people date vanilla people?
  • How do you come out as kinky or poly?
  • My boss saw my bruises, what do I do?
  • Should a submissive make the first move?
  • Will a lack of experience put off kinky women?
  • It’s too big to fit in here! Getting larger toys in smaller places.
  • How to politely tell people to fuck off at a dungeon.

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