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Lousy Self-Awareness Is Keeping You from Finding a Kinky Partner (And Here’s How to Fix It)

Getting out of the house and meeting people is a critical step towards finding a partner. But if you haven’t laid the necessary foundation, and if you don’t even know what you’re looking for, you’re wasting your time. I’m going to show you the steps we use to help our coaching clients gain the self-awareness they need to find and attract a kinky partner.

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The Kinksters Guide to Negotiating a BDSM Scene

Consent is important. Super fucking important. In fact, it’s the one thing that differentiates BDSM from abuse.
Consent is a concept. Negotiation is how we put that concept into action. We put this video together to teach you good negotiation skills. Watch it. Use it. Share it.

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Submissive Dating: How to Attract a Domme (Kinkly)

Finding a vanilla partner is hard, but it’s nothing compared to trying to find a Domme. Dominant women are in high demand, and it’s a seller’s market. But never fear We wrote a post on Kinkly to teach you how to attract a Dominant Woman. Go read it now!.

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When Fairness Matters, and When It Doesn’t

We often hear the word “fair” used to describe our relationships. Our definition of fairness is often vague, because most of us use the word to describe a sort of ideal, healthy dating relationship without ever stopping to consider what “fair” actually means. That’s a problem, because if you want to find, get, and keep quality partners, fairness is a skill you have to master.

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Regarding Orlando: A Plea for Accountable Faith

Part of educating is addressing important events that arise, particularly ones that directly affect members of our community. Orlando is a reminder that even though there have been some big wins around LGBTQ rights recently the world is still a long way from tolerance. Most organized religions demonize LGBTQ people and this lifestyle. Under the right circumstances that intolerance leads to violence.

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