#067: Poly Birthdays, First Loves, & Tough Times

How do you support your partners when you’re feeling down? Who should you invite to your polyamorous daughter’s surprise party? What do you do when your partner loses sexual interest in you… but not your metamours? How do you deal with bruises that are starting to raise questions? Today we answer these questions and more.

PLUS we try naked podcasting, and Cassie is coordinating a Devil’s Triangle.

Questions in this episode

  • Do you ever get over your first Dominant?
  • How do you hold up your partners when you also need support?
  • I met a guy I like. How do I tell him I’m not ready to date?
  • I’m looking for a Daddy. I’m asexual. Am I destined to be alone?
  • I’m planning a surprise birthday party for my polyamorous daughter. Who do I invite?
  • What do you do when a partner loses sexual interest in you but not in your metamours?
  • How do you deal with new bruises showing up every week?

Resources Mentioned

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