#089: Please help me squirt again!

Is it “undomly” to eat submissive pussy? Why do (some) women like degradation? Are there ways to be happy as a secondary when you’ve lost your primary relationship? What should you do when you’ve broken up with your partners to work on your marriage, but 9 months later things haven’t improved (and now you’re resentful)? We answer these questions, and more!

Questions in this episode

  • Please help me squirt again!
  • Should a Dom eat submissive pussy?
  • Why do women like degradation?
  • Why is male on male action looked down upon in the scene?
  • Is there anything poly folks with PTSD should know?
  • I miss my primary relationship. Are there ways to be happy as a secondary?
  • I have a health condition. How do I turn down rough sex? 
  • We broke up with our other partners to work on our marriage, but it hasn’t improved and now we’re resentful. Should we open again, or stay closed?

Resources Mentioned

Cat Vector by Vecteezy

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