#033: My Poly Family: A Teen Answers Your Questions

How do children in a poly household explain their family to classmates and teachers? Are they bullied? How comfortable are they when meeting new partners? Would they prefer their parents to be monogamous if they had the choice? What interaction do they want with past partners when relationships change?

As poly parents, we have a lot of questions about the effects that our relationships have on our children. So, we decided to get the answers from straight from the horse’s mouth. Mancub (our teenager) has grown up in a poly household since he was a toddler. He’s met (some of) our partners, formed sibling relationships with other polycule kids, cohabited with two of our partners who lived with us, and come out about his family at school.

In this very special episode, he gives you the brutally honest answers to your questions about the good… and the bad… of growing up in an openly poly household.

Questions in this episode

  • What are the advantages of being in a poly family?
  • How do you explain your family situation to others?
  • At what age did you know your family was different?
  • Did you “come out” as being from a poly family? If so when, why and how?
  • How comfortable are you when first meeting your parents’ new partners?
  • How do friends react when they learn your family is poly?
  • Do you maintain friendships with any of your parents’ ex-partners?
  • Have you had difficulty with classmates or teachers?
  • How do you handle when others condemn your family structure?
  • As a poly kid, what are your views on poly marriage?
  • Do you see as negatives to this type of family structure?
  • Would you give up your parents being poly to have a normal life?
  • If you had a girlfriend that wanted to be poly what would you do?
  • If Amanda and Rigel were to have a child, how would that make you feel?
  • Have your parents being poly affected your relationship or sexual orientation?
  • When you have kids, how will you explain their grandparents’ relationship?
  • What advice would you give to other kids of poly families?
  • What advice do you have for poly parents?

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