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During the call we'll explore the challenges you’re currently facing and custom-design a plan to jump-start your open realtionships.

The Program

1-on-1 Coaching.

What differentiates this program from my other coaching programs is it’s flexibility. I don’t have a standard curriculum, length, or price. Why? Because every relationships has different needs. Each program is custom-designed for the client.

The key is the free consult call. During the call we’ll discuss the current state of your relationships, the challenges you’re facing, and what extraordinary relationships look like for you. Then we’ll mix and match the following modules to create a program that will ensure you reach your goals:

Module A: Design relationships that are healthy, happy, and meet your needs.

  • Discover your open relationship style, and define the types of relationships that you’re looking for.
  • Determine your short and long term relationships goals.
  • We’ll lay the groundwork for you to be able to smoothly articulate to others your specific relationship needs.
  • Figure out what your relationships strengths are and which skills need more work.

Module B: Find interesting, compatible partners who fit your relationship style.

  • Determine where the best places are in your area to find people who are poly and dating.
  • Create an alluring profile that will get you noticed by other poly folks (even on vanilla dating sites).
  • Find new poly partners online, and craft messages that get responses.
  • Create opportunities to connect wherever you go.
  • Approach people you find interesting (on and off-line).

Module C: Negotiate agreements that avoid conflict and strengthen your relationships.

  • Determine what your boundaries, limits and deal breakers are.
  • Develop your relationships needs, ideals, and wants lists.
  • Understand what need debt is, and learn how it can create friction in your relationships.
  • Learn the importance of agreements in relationships as opposed to rules.
  • Negotiate agreements that you’re actually going to keep.

Module D: Navigate conflict in your relationships and poly network.

  • Overcome the little confrontations and big ones.
  • Understand how to deal with metamours.
  • Learn best communication practices, and build healthy conflict resolution skills.
  • Know when (and when not) to compromise.
  • Communicate your needs and desires in a way that ensures they’re being met.

Module E: Know yourself, your worth, and how to deal with anxiety.

  • Recognize your worth as a partner, and know what makes you irreplaceable.
  • Overcome crippling jealousy and find compersion.
  • Figure out the self soothing techniques that work for you.
  • Know when, how, and if to express your inner struggles to your partner.
  • Be prepared to face the unknown and avoid conflict before it happens.

Module F: Surviving (and thriving) in a monogamous world.

  • Recognize when you’re getting poly satuturated.
  • Know if, and how, to come out your open relationships.
  • Create a step-by step coming out plan
  • Write a contingency plan for in case you’re outed.
  • Be able to talk to your kids about poly..
  • Learn to navigate a world that doesn’t understand your relationships.

About Cassie

Cassie is a kink and intimacy expert, educator, and relationship coach who has been teaching and presenting on various sex and kink-related subjects since 2008. She is the co-founder of Touch of Flavor, which helps kinky and non-monogamous folks build extraordinary relationships in an ordinary world.

Cassie has been featured in publications such as the Huffington Post, The Atlantic, Ozy, and Men’s and Women’s Health. She has also presented at organizations and conferences including MICA College, Dark Odyssey, MsC, CCFF, and DC Leather Pride.

What My Clients Are Saying

Cassie, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I truly believe that you were instrumental in making my relationship with the man I love what it is today. You provided us with the skills, suggestions, and proverbial ass kick that we both needed in order to make our primary relationship work. I am forever grateful to you. I know that neither of us made this easy on you but you were professional the entire time. You are amazing 🙂


Things are going exceptionally well for us. We are back on board with our future plans for a family. I was SO worried that we would never work it out… but I can’t explain to you how much your communication techniques saved our relationship. I never knew how beneficial a coach could be for us! <3 You are amazing and will no doubt be getting recommendations from me!


How This Works


The Consult

It all starts with a breakthrough consult.

During the consult we'll explore if we’d be a good fit and design your custom program..



The Program

Here’s what an example 12-week program might look like if we decide to work together:
  1. A one-hour launch call, where we’ll create your customized curriculum and get you started on your first module.
  2. Four thirty-minute sessions in the first month after your launch call.
  3. Eight one-hour sessions every two weeks for the next two months.

The Bonuses

In addition to our sessions you’ll also get:
  1. Unlimited email access to me in-between sessions.
  2. Worksheets and videos.
  3. And the option to meet in person with me in the Baltimore area for one of your sessions.

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If you’re ready to jump start your kinky dating life, you can book a free consult call below. During the call we’ll discuss if coaching would be a good fit for you, and come up with a plan to jump-start your open realtionships.

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