#019: Help! My girlfriend stole my wife’s dog for ransom!

How do you tell your husband of 19 years that he’s gotten fat and ugly? Is it possible to find romance when you’re dying? How can you make your first threesome a safe one? What should you do when your girlfriend steals your wife’s dog for ransom? On today’s episode, Cassie and Rigel answer these and other (amazing) questions.

PLUS: Some of your questions got lost in the upside-down, a lacrosse player is fucking his bigoted coaches son, and a chandelier ruins our podcast.

Questions in this episode

  • My boyfriend’s wife is not invited to Christmas. How do I handle it?
  • What do you do when you suck at making the first move?
  • I’m dying, can I still find a romantic partner?
  • How do I tell my husband of 19 years he’s fat and ugly?
  • Do you need to verify if metamour is actually okay with their partner fucking you?
  • Will I lose my scholarship if I don’t disclose my sexuality?
  • Do you need to change condoms between partners in a threesome?
  • Tips on fingering more than one person.
  • Help! My girlfriend stole my wife’s dog for ransom!

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