#060: Extreme Kinks, Fetlife Creepers, and a 30-year-old Virgin

What’s it like to be the male in an FMF triad? How do you navigate decision making in a group relationship? Is being a 30-something-year old virgin detrimental to finding a female Dominant? Should you pretend to be more experienced to scare off creepers? On today’s episode, we answer these questions and more.

PLUS: We discuss what we did for Valentine’s day, escape rooms are no match for our polycule, and the new website is (finally) done.

Questions in this episode

  • I’m kinky, polyamorous, and into extreme play. How can I navigate these lifestyles safely?
  • Should I pretend to be more experienced on Fetlife to scare away creepers?
  • How do Cassie, Rigel, and Amanda navigate decision making in their relationship?
  • How do you handle your partner complaining that scheduled time isn’t “spontaneous” enough?
  • Is being a 30 (something) year old virgin detrimental to finding a female Dominant?
  • How do you tell your partner to stop messaging his girlfriend when you’re out on a date?
  • What’s the best way to manage jealousy when your partner has been spending all of their time with the other person in your group?
  • What’s Rigel’s take on what it’s like to be the male in an FMF triad?

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