#035: Consent and Sexual Freedom With Susan Wright

June 27, 2018

If you’ve been listening to our show you’ve heard us mention the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) many times. On today’s episode we’re speaking with the NCSF’s founder Susan Wright about the important work the NCSF is doing, the current climate around kink and polyamory, and what to do if being kinky lands you in trouble.

We’re also taking a deep dive into that most critical of topics – consent. We discuss the importance of consent, best practices for obtaining consent, and resources that are available if your consent is violated (or you’re accused of violating someone’s consent).

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Resources Mentioned:

Show Notes:

00:04:00 The important work the NCSF is doing.
00:07:10 Fifty Shades was a teachable moment.
00:11:26 The NCSF incident reporting and response program.
00:14:09 The Consent Counts Program.
00:15:35 Defining consent.
00:17:55 Why we need to turn the sex ed conversation into a consent conversation.
00:21:17 Maybe means no.
00:24:00 Opting in, opting out, and negotiating limits.
00:33:10 Ensuring consent is informed.
00:35:21 Removing the roles and negotiating as equals.
00:37:25 Best practices for when a scene goes wrong.
00:44:32 Every scene needs an escape; the importance of safe words.
00:48:25 Tops can have their consent violated too.
00:49:02 Consent is not a defence against criminal charges for serious injury.
00:51:45 The best way to promote a consent culture.
00:52:57 Resources if your consent was violated or you are accused of a violation.
00:57:25 How likely are you to face criminal charges for participation in BDSM?

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