#031: Touch of Flavor’s Guide to Healthy Power Exchange

April 10, 2018

Power exchange. For some of us, it’s a need every bit as important as religion, being non-monogamous, or having a child. But as the power dynamic encroaches further into everyday life, boundaries can get murky. In a relationship built on inequality, what exactly constitutes a healthy relationship?

On today’s episode we’re talking about power exchange, the rights of a submissive, and what it takes to build a power exchange relationship where all parties are healthy and thriving.

PLUS: Cassie gets a new flogger, and we launch a free online training on how you can build amazing open relationships.

Cassie couldn’t let this episode go out without a picture of her new flogger, so here here you go! You can find the maker in the resource links below.

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Show Notes:

00:01:04 What TOF has been up to for the last two weeks.
00:04:45 The backstory of this episode.
00:05:28 Power exchange is inherently unequal, so how do you tell if it is healthy?
00:06:55 Defining power exchange.
00:11:02 Power exchange in everyday life.
00:12:41 Rigel and Cassie’ rule for measuring relationships.
00:19:12 Fantasy vs. reality.
00:21:09 Cassie’s power exchange fantasy.
00:25:38 When fantasy and reality clash.
00:29:58 What rights does a submissive have?
00:33:12 Some really unhealthy things people do in power exchange.
00:36:28 Conflict resolution in power exchange relationships.
00:41:37 Some advice from the best Masters we know.
00:42:48 What thriving power exchange relationships look like
00:48:06 Masters should be in service to their slaves
00:49:05 How sharing responsibilities leads to more fulfilling lives for all
00:52:28 Cassie’s unintentional personal ad.
00:53:08 Those in service are often taken advantage of.
00:54:08 What it means to be someone’s partner.
00:55:09 Cassie and Rigel’s life give examples of power exchange in real life.
00:57:20 Form relationships with those who share your values.

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