#030: The Power of Forgiveness with Sri Richard and Sri Namaste

March 26, 2018

Forgiveness is a powerful and necessary tool in any relationship; one most of us take it for granted. Mustering up empathy and compassion for those we feel have wronged us is incredibly difficult. But in if you want to solve conflict and create healthy relationships, mastering forgiveness is essential.

Today we are talking to Sri Richard and Sri Namaste about the role of forgiveness in our relationships (and in our lives as a whole). We are going to talk how to connect with your partners, let go of past hurt, communicate productively, and why forgiveness should never be mistaken for weakness.

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Show Notes:

00:02:40 The definition of forgiveness.
00:04:03 Forgininess is not just for those who need to be forgiven.
00:07:10 Forgiveness is the first step in problem solving.
00:11:47 How to practice forgiveness BEFORE the problem is solved.
00:14:30 We argue about the past instead of the present.
00:18:32 Connecting with your partner during arguments.
00:21:10 The art of forgiving and forgetting.
00:23:53 Keys to learning lessons without holding onto hurt.
00:26:09 Forgiveness is important to our health.
00:27:52 Holding onto the past will not prevent future hurt.
00:28:45 Forgiving others so we can forgive ourselves.
00:30:25 The only way to show up for others is to take care of ourselves.
00:31:45 Reasons we don’t forgive.
00:33:33 Using unforgiveness as a weapon in relationships.
00:34:18 Unforgiveness as a means of power is a common theme in our society.
00:37:08 Keeping forgiveness from turning into weakness.
00:41:35 The role of apology.
00:45:35 You don’t need an audience to forgive.
00:46:50 Speed round.

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