#029 Beyond Orgasms – A Guide To Sexual Pleasure with Yarah Sutra

March 20, 2018

It may take two to tango, but your sexual pleasure usually has little to do with your dancing partner.

Today we are going to be talking the Pleasure Priestess Yarah Sutra. We’re going to be discussing how to create pleasure, why orgasms don’t always matter, and why many of us are looking at pleasure the wrong way.

We are also going to cover why you need to love your private parts, how to feel sexually empowered, and how to have fulfilling sexual experiences while saying fuck you to the patriarchy.

Sit down, strap up, and get ready to hear Yarah and I talk a lot about our vaginas!

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Show Notes:

00:02:05 How Yarah started helping women move past heartbreak.
00:06:24 Yarah’s definition of sexual pleasure.
00:08:05 The importance of pleasure is too often ignored.
00:09:20 How the patriarchy ruined women’s pleasure.
00:15:01 Our society’s lack of focus on women’s pleasure.
00:20:15 It is hard for someone to please you if you can’t please yourself.
00:21:50 There is more to sexual pleasure than orgasm.
00:29:36 Leaving the ego behind and approaching pleasure as a student.
00:31:30 Creating sexual pleasure without a focus on orgasm.
00:38:48 Cassie discovers that her vagina is her Dom.
00:39:40 Speed round.

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