#028: Tops, Switches, and Submissives. Oh My!

March 12, 2018

Do switches make better tops? Is Dom/Top drop even real? Are there slaves or submissives that are untrainable? Will learning to become a Master save my relationship?

On today’s episode Cassie and Rigel tackle your questions, and a TON of them are BDSM related!

PLUS: We recommend some butt plugs, a listener puts Cassie and Rigel on the spot, and we have the longest blooper reel EVER.

Sit down, strap up, and get ready for the ride.

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Show Notes:

00:02:25 Rigel and his male companion play with legos.
00:08:50 What turns Cassie and Rigel on?
00:13:12 Is it okay to send someone who is ghosting me a nastygram?
00:14:37 Do Switches make better Tops?
00:18:38 Where can I find someone interested in a kinky MFF threesome?
00:24: 00 Are there slaves or submissives that are untrainable?
00:29:53 Do I have to hang out with my boyfriends meta-metamours?
00:31:52 Are sexuality, gender, and relationship fluidity becoming more prevalent?
00:35:20 Is Dom/Top drop even real? If so, What are things I can do to deal with it if it?
00:40:39 How do I help my husband find dates?
00:44:17 Help me save my marriage by becoming a Master?
00:50:44 What kind of butt plugs do we recommend?

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