#026: What Poly Folks Should Know About The Law with Ben Schenker

February 26, 2018

Non-monogamy is a long way from being accepted by mainstream society. Many things that monogamous folks take for granted require extra effort in the poly world. Nowhere is that truer than when trying to replicate the basic legal rights that monogamous families enjoy.

Today we are going to be talking to Ben Schenker, an attorney who provides legal support to LGBT and poly families. We’re going to be discussing legal steps that folks in non-monogamous relationships can take to protect their families (and themselves). We will be covering topics such as medical rights, parental custody, protecting your finances, forming cohabitation agreements, and more.

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Show Notes:

00:03:20 Ben’s disclaimer.
00:04:42 How Ben got into providing legal support to poly folks.
00:07:08 Why poly clients come to Ben.
00:09:18 All relationships end… either from breakup or death.
00:09:45 Why law is different for non-monogamous folks.
00:13:02 Looking at marriage as a contract and planning ahead.
00:14:10 Palimony and cohabitation agreements.
00:15:48 The benefits of designing your own relationship agreements.
00:18:09 The marriage benefits Ben replicates for his poly clients.
00:21:05 Dealing with shared finances after breakups.
00:24:02 Covering your medical care in the case of emergencies.
00:25:32 Cassie’s advice about picking a lawyer.
00:28:25 Attorney-client privilege.
00:31:59 Legal situations where you should keep your mouth shut about being poly.
00:35:15 Even smart folks should get an attorney.
00:37:17 Bigamy laws (and how not to break them).
00:42:56 De-facto parenting and how it affects poly families.
00:47:45 Things that may be covered in cohabitation contracts.
00:50:45 Powers of attorney, advance health directives, and wills.
00:52:40 The need to be open to outside the box solutions.
00:57:20 Speed round.

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