#025: When Your Faith And Sexuality Clash with Frenchie Davis

February 19, 2018

Did you grow up in a religious family? Every religion has developed rules to try and regulate its followers sexual practices. But what do you do when your faith and your sexuality don’t align?

In today’s episode we are talking to Frenchie Davis about sex, spiritually and religion. A few things we discuss: what people get wrong about the bible, why most religions take such a dim view on sex, and the consequences of sex-negativity in religion.

Plus we’ll be talking about some of the work Frenchie and the Incarnation Institute of Sex and Faith (IISF) are doing to change how religious organizations view sex.

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Show Notes:

00:02:53 How Frenchie started teaching on sex and religion.
00:05:48 The difference between religion and spirituality.
00:10:12 Sex positivity and Christianity don’t have to be a contradiction.
00:12:46 When your church says your lifestyle is wrong.
00:15:01 The consequences of sexual repression in the church.
00:18:43 Women in the church are waiting for Jesus to be Eharmony.
00:21:15 Religion, abstinence only education, and stupidity.
00:22:28 Where the ideology that sex is the devil comes from.
00:24:33 You can’t have premarital sex if you’re not married.
00:29:40 Cassie feels most spiritual when she is playing with genitals.
00:31:45 Can you have morals without religion?
00:34:50 You don’t need baby Jesus to be polite.
00:37:15 The work Frenchie and the IISF are doing.
00: 40:40 Reimagining scripture vs acknowledging their problems..
00:43:30 Why most people stay indoctrinated.
00:49:30 Speed round.

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