#024: Dying Alone Sucks (Here’s How to Avoid It) with Robert Kandell

February 12, 2018

We talk to a LOT of kinky singles, and one of the biggest fears they have is dying alone. In fact, it’s one of the biggest fears we partnered people have to. In a society where we have a thousand Facebook friends friends and can hook up by simply swiping right, why are more people single later in life now than at any time in our history? And what can you do to create amazing relationships and avoid being a statistic?

Just in time for Valentine’s Day we’re talking to Robert Kandell about how to find and build meaningful relationships in a world where they seem increasingly rare. Buckle up for an amazing interview.

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Show Notes:

00:02:40 Dying alone is one of the biggest fears singles have… and its valid.
00:04:50 The wage gap is closing but relationships are dividing.
00:08:00 People are unhappier now than at any other point in history.
00:11:35 Why men need to wake (the fuck) up.
00:12:15 The key to not dying alone.
00:13:50 Ways people shoot themselves in the foot.
00:18:25 Withholding = lying.
00:20:35 The difference between being honest and oversharing.
00:23:50 Dating and relationships are a learned skill.
00:28:25 People evolve in relationships, here’s how to deal with those changes.
00:35:25 Is technology really to blame for our loneliness?
00:39:19 Overcoming isolation in today’s society.
00:41:45 The reason we don’t know our neighbors anymore.
00:44:48 Learning internal validation and self love.
00:45:33 Speed round.
00:49:15 Is Trump good for the country?

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