#022: How To Add A Third (Or Fourth) To Your Relationship

February 5, 2018

There are as many structures of poly relationships as there are people who do poly. Some folks date in webs where with little interaction between partners. Others (like us) form some of their romantic relationships between members of a group. This type of poly comes with its own rewards… and it’s own challenges.

Today our partner Amanda is back in the studio and we’re answering questions from a listener’s polycule about how to navigate group poly. The topics we’re covering include: how to divide time and attention, tips on adding a third, (or fourth, or more) to your group, handling conflicts with multiple partners, advice on finding a unicorn or dragon, and more.

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Show Notes:

00:02:35 What our poly group did for the holidays.
00:06:43 Amanda does an interrogation scene about cats.
00:11:13 How this episode came to be?
00:11:52 What is a closed poly group, really?
00:15:41 What’s the best way to divide time and energy between partners?
00:18:36 What tips have we learned from our past relationships?
00:22:20 What are common mistakes people make in group relationships.
00:24:00 People don’t belong in boxes.
00:25:28 What should you consider when adding a third (or fourth, or more) to a relationship?
00:28:56 How do you handle conflicts in poly groups.. and how concerned should you be about existing problems?
00:35:20 Wine is a dyad problem.
00:37:47 Are rules and agreements unethical?
00:43:07 Fairness in poly groups.
00:46:01 Help! I’m a pregnant unicorn and my partners are bailing out.
00:49:51 What should you do when people talk badly about your poly family to your children?
00:52:33 What’s the best way to find a dragon or a unicorn?

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