#021: Disabilities, Gay Boots, and Lesbian Porn

January 17, 2018

When is it time to take a fantasy out of your head and into the bedroom? Why do straight chicks like lesbian porn? Is it racist to prefer partners with a certain skin tone? Can a Dom with disabilities find a sub? On our first episode of 2018 Cassie and Rigel are going to be answering the rest of your questions that were lost in the upside down.

Plus: We reminisce about our kinky NYE party, Cassie kicks a girl with her rainbow boots, and we talk about if you should tell a date your penis size.

Pictures we promised:

Cassie’s super gay boots she kicked a hot girl with.

We keep trying to get people to live outside of the box, and Cujo just wants to live in one.


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Show Notes:

00:01:48 Our kink-ass NYE party.
00:02:56 Cassie has super gay boots.
00:05:39 How to get notified of our future events.
00:06:22 When is is time to take fantasies out of your head and into the bedroom?
00:09:50 How do you get a non-kinky partner interested in kink?
00:14:26 My ex-sub is threatening to tell the police I’m a prostitute unless I pay up. What should I do?
00:18:49 I’m straight, why do I like lesbian porn?
00:21:39 I’m a Dom who wears diapers. Can I find a sub?
00:23:14 The fantasy of power exchange vs the reality.
00:25:33 I’m only attracted to people with darker skin. Does that make me racist?
00:30:09 Would it be ethical to look for an asexual woman?
00:33:45 Does size matter?
00:39:12 A shout out to Strap-Ons 101.
00:42:57 Is it OK to tell someone no before knowing what kind of scene they want to do?

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