#020: Coming Out Poly with Tamara Pincus

December 28, 2017

The decision to come out as non-monogamous (or not) is a difficult one. There are a lot things that can go wrong such as losing your job, being rejected by friends,or distancing yourself from family. But in spite of the risks coming out can be incredible important because we want our partners and relationships given recognition.

In today’s episode Cassie is talking to sex therapist and licensed social worker Tamara Pincus. We will be covering how and when (and when not to) come out, society’s changing views on polyamory, and practical ways to have conversations with people about your open relationships. We’ll also be discussing Tamara’s New book: It’s Called Polyamory, Coming Out About Your Nonmonogamous Relationships.

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Show Notes:

00:02:27 The reasons why Tamara wrote her new book.
00:06:09 Coming out is not a one time thing.
00:09:10 Cassie and Rigel’s coming out stories are very different.
00:10:30 How society’s views on open relationships are changing.
00:11:35 Tamara had poly experiences before she knew what it was called.
00:13:57 The main reason you may want to come out.
00:16:55 Some potential consequences of coming out.
00:18:33 Planing when to come out about your open relationships.
00:20:17 Safety tips for coming out to family and friends.
00:24:27 Effects coming out can have on others in your life.
00:27:42 Strategies for explaining your relationships to others.
00:28:44 Coming out at your job.
00:32:14 Speed round.
00:35:50 You are invited to our kinky New Year’s Eve Party!

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