#018: Strap-On 101 with Jaki Griot

December 5, 2017

Do you own a strap-on (or are you curious about them)? Do you want to use said strap-on to create mind blowing experiences for yourself and your partner(s)?  We’ve got you covered!

Today Cassie and the fabulous Jaki Griot talk about one of their favorite topics… strap-ons! As a 101 guide to strap-ons, this episode covers everything from how to choose dongs and harnesses, to how to wear a strap on, to scene prep, to tips for using (and abusing) different holes, to aftercare and clean-up

PLUS Cassie and Jaki share their strap-on stories, and talk about why you should give strap-ons a try.

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Resources Mentioned:

Show Notes:

00:05:02 Jaki’s first strap-on experience was great.
00:06:17 Cassie’s first experience… not so much…
00:08:03 All the reasons you should give strap-ons a try.
00:09:43 Combating strap-on stereotypes.
00:12:37 You might be wearing your strap-on wrong.
00:13:33 Picking the best harness for you.
00:17:25 Harnesses you should avoid.
00:22:03 The best dong for different activities.
00:24:02 Lube, and why you need it.
00:29:36 Tips for strap-on positioning.
00:34:24 Jaki strap-ons a pretty princess.
00:36:35 Shit happens when you do anal.
00:45:03 How to clean up and take care of your partner after a scene.
00:41:50 Why you need a harness with “strapless” strap-ons.
00:53:27 The multi-partner and safer sex benefits of strap-ons.
00:55:08 Speed round.

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