#012: She Said Yes! Our Triad Gets Engaged.

September 25, 2017

How do you make your vanilla wedding a little kinky? What do you do when your wife can’t stand your girlfriend? How do you find a “legit” Femdom? Are all poly people sluts? On today’s Q and A episode, Cassie and Rigel answer these questions and more.

PLUS: Cassie and Rigel propose to their girlfriend, Rigel tells his partners he caught an STI, and Siri makes an unexpected appearance on the show.

WARNING: Stupid cute pictures follow:


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Show Notes:

00:02:17 The importance of dyad time.
00:06:01 Our triad gets engaged.
00:13:45 How do you make a vanilla wedding ceremony a little kinky?
00:14:10 Sneaky ways of slipping D/s into your wedding vows.
00:16:12 Rigel despises religious wedding ceremonies.
00:17:44 The benefits of having a open minded wedding officiant.
00:19:12 Shaping your wedding and reception to match your unique relationship.
00:24:10 How do you ask a partner to do the dirty outside without seeming like a wierdo?
00:28:09 Risk, reward, and the sex offender registry.
00:31:00 How to be a ethical exhibitionist.
00:31:45 How do you tell your primary you caught an STI?
00:32:24 That time Rigel caught and STI… and didn’t even get to eat pussy.
00:39:17 Bitting the bullet, and telling the hard truths.
00:41:23 Apologizing and making amends.
00:43:04 What should you do when your primary can’t stand your other partners?
00:51:26 How do you find and approach a “legit” Femdom?
00:59:51 Why do nillas think you’re coming on to them when you tell them you’re poly?

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