#011: How To Execute An Interrogation Scene Like A Boss with Sunny Megatron and Ken

September 18, 2017

Interrogations. They’re some of our favoritest scenes ever. But they’re also some of the hardest scenes to execute correctly. Today we’re talking to Sunny Megatron and Ken and taking a comprehensive look at interrogation scenes. We’ll be talking about how to negotiate these scenes so everyone gets their needs met, mind-fucking, pacing your scenes so you don’t break your bottom(s) too soon, and what to do after the scene is over.

This episode is chock full of examples and ideas you can use in your next interrogation scene. Like that time Cassie and Rigel fucked with someone’s orientation during a scene at camp. lt’s amazing how much debauchery the four of us can pack into so little time 😉

Below is the planning sheet Rigel discusses in this episode. We used these simple sheets at camp to coordinate our more complicated scenes. We’ll probably dedicate a whole episode to the topic in the future.

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Show Notes:

00:04:25 Why people like interrogation scenes.
00:10:09 Safewords are important but vital during consensual nonconsent
00:11:41 Why it’s important to consider the number of people involved in the scene.
00:13:14 Why we recommend having a friend present during a heavy scene
00:14:45 Getting the bottom to where they want be.
00:18:13 Cassie and Rigel fuck with someone’s orientation during a scene at camp.
00:20:26 Many submissives fantasize about consensual nonconsent scenes.
00:23:18 Getting typecasted for scenes you are known for being good at.
00:28:34 It’s OK to be a selfish top.
00:32:13 Tips for planning heavy scenes.
00:37:13 Cassie and Rigel get run through the ROUGH-BS system.
00:46:01 Creating a written plan for interrogation scenes.
00:54:10 Pacing: how not to break your toys too soon.
00:57:03 Flexibility vs planning.
00:58:38 The mind fuck is often the best part.
01:01:43 How to get into your bottom’s head before a scene.
01:03:43 Tops (sometimes) need aftercare too!
01:07:20 Speed round.
01:11:51 Doggie mind fuck scene, and why we don’t cut the audio when we end the interview.

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