#008: The Essential Guide to Overcoming Event Drop with Mr. Black

August 28, 2017

Multi-day kink events can be exciting, fun, and life changing. But no matter how much good a time you had at the event, you might feel like absolute garbage after you get home This phenomenon is called event drop, and while you may sometimes process it with ease (or not feel it at all), at other times it can become overwhelming. You may even begin to question if you’re really kinky after all.

Today we’re talking to Mr. Black of The Black Pomegranate about event drop. What is it exactly? Is anyone immune? What can you do to help prevent drop while you’re at an event, and how do you process it after you get home? Plus, Cassie and Mr. Black discuss their own event drop experiences this past DO.

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Show Notes:

00:03:00 Kinky event season is like Nascar.
00:05:20 Hotel vs camp events.
00:07:07 Mr. Black shares his recent event drop experience.
00:08:06 What is event drop.
00:10:37 Vanilla con drop vs kink event drop.
00:11:59 The symptoms of event drop.
00:14:02 Physical and emotional labor.
00:15:57 What causes event drop, and are any of us immune?
00:16:45 One of Cassie and Rigel’s students slaps her partner during class.
00:19:33 Cassie’s first event drop experience.
00:26:08 Some scenes take longer to process than others.
00:27:48 Minimizing event drop, and preparing yourself.
00:31:09 Organizing your schedule at large kink events.
00:33:27 Keeping important things consistent at events.
00:35:02 The two types of planning to prepare for a large kink event.
00:36:33 Overcoming event drop once you are back home.
00:38:43 Taking a break before going back to vanilla life.
00:41:50 Checking in with friends and partners after the event.
00:44:28 Prioritizing self care is the key to processing.
00:45:43 Speed round.

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