#007: Love vs Lust with Dr. Zhana Vrangalova

August 22, 2017

Love and lust. They’re words we throw around a lot. But what do they mean? Are both necessary for a healthy relationship? And the big question: How do you keep lust from waning over time?

Today we’re talking to Dr. Zhana Vrangalova about love and lust including: the differences between the two, the biggest myths surrounding love and lust, and how those myths cause problems in our relationships. We also spend a substantial portion of the interview discussing how you can keep lust and desire alive in your long-term relationships.

Plus we break down the  symptoms and dangers of infatuation, and discuss the Casual Sex Project.

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Show Notes:

00:02:06 The Casual Sex project.
00:04:25 Breaking down the definitions of love and lust.
00:05:28 The symptoms of infatuation.
00:07:00 “Netflix and chill” in a long-term relationship.
00:08:19 The difference between infatuation and lust.
00:10:15 The symptoms of infatuation.
00:13:19 The most dangerous aspect of infatuation.
00:16:32 The myth about love and lust that almost everyone believes.
00:19:24 The key to excitement.
00:20:38 Acknowledging the importance of lust.
00:23:58 The role of non-monogamy.
00:25:56 Ending a relationship doesn’t mean you failed.
00:27:35 The best ways to keep lust from fading over time.
00:35:46 Competence is sexy.
00:38:20 Sex doesn’t have to be spontaneous.
00:40:49 If you want to desire sex, have more sex.
00:44:50 Speed round.

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