#006: How To Be a Kickass Poly Parent

August 14, 2017

Are you poly? Do you or your partner(s) have kids? If so, you’ve probably run into your share of questions: Should you tell your children about your partners? If so, when – and how – and how much? How do you explain the relationship to schools, and sports teams, and other family members? What do you do when a child is attached to a partner that you break up with?

We’ve been poly parents for eleven years. On today’s episode we’re going to answer these questions and more. Plus, we’ll discuss our three principles for being a kickass poly parent, and the impact that being out can have on your kids.

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Show Notes:

00:04:05 Our poly parenting background.
00:05:20 Three poly parenting principles.
00:06:05 Honesty is the best policy (kids are little detectives).
00:09:35 Age appropriate truth, and your kids are not your friends.
00:11:40 When to tell your kids about your poly relationships.
00:13:12 When NOT to tell your kids about your poly relationships.
00:15:00 Cassie’s son calls her out for crushing on someone.
00:19:40 It’s not the kids who have problems with poly. It’s the adults.
00:24:20 Don’t give your kids alternative facts.
00:25:31 Explaining polyamory to older children
00:26:20 What if you’ve been less than honest with your kids in the past?
00:28:50 No one likes being the dirty little secret.
00:31:50 Think of the children! What will they see?
00:33:12 Your teenagers know you are having sex.
00:33:50 What should your kids call your partners?
00:36:30 Dealing with families, schools, and everyone else.
00:41:19 A word on bullying.
00:43:42 Authority and discipline.
00:46:10 How to handle relationships that don’t last.

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