#004:The Secret to Getting Laid with Billy Procida

August 7, 2017

Who better to talk to about casual sex than the host of the Manwhore podcast? On today’s episode we’re talking with Billy Procida about how to hook-up including: using dating apps, engaging face-to-face, and avoiding regrets. Plus, we’ll be discussing the single biggest secret to getting laid. It’s probably not what you think.

Other topics include: Cassie’s increasing shift towards the homosexual end of the bell curve, and Billy’s first time meeting up with a group of people from Craigslist for sex.

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Show Notes:

00:06:34 Craigslist is great for bukake.
00:10:02 We all discuss our hook-up age limits.
00:15:02 Is it really that hard for guys to find casual sex?
00:18:45 The importance of connection.
00:22:50 Best practices for letting others know you’re interested in hooking up.
00:24:45 The more you talk online, the less likely you are to meet offline.
00:26:54 A dating app designed to get you face-to-face with people.
00:29:10 Using your bio space to tell what you’re looking for.
00:31:30 The secret to getting laid (it ain’t what you think).
00:34:29 Avoiding hookup regrets.
00:38:00 Cassie solves incompatibility with duct tape.
00:44:26 Setting your tone
00:26:30 Looking where the sluts are
00:51:19 Picking up someone in vanilla spaces.
00:53:44 The importance of body language and social cues.
00:56:58 Speed round.

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