#001: Sex With Your Ex, and Cassie Face-F***s a Mermaid

July 31, 2017

You can’t be my baby, but you can be my booty call! Having sex with an ex is sometimes a taboo topic even in the kinky realm. But is it really THAT bad of an idea?

The answer is… Maybe!

In this episode we talk about everything you need to know if you are gonna start getting jiggy with your ex. We discuss how, when, and (more importantly) when NOT to have sex with an ex. At the end we have some kink-specific obstacles you may face when having sex with your ex, and how to overcome them.

But before all that, we have a story about Cassie face-fucking a mermaid. Yep. Really.

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Show Notes:

00:05:29 Rigel finds out Cassie has a mermaid fetish.
00:07:15 Cassie schedules a scene with. a Mermaid.
00:12:27 Planning scenes is important at large kink events.
00:15:21 Sex with your ex discussion begins.
00:16:58 Kinksters are not completely “enlightened.”
00:18:06 Studies about people having sex with their ex.
00:21:40 Why vanillas think it’s okay to have casual sex (but not with your ex).
00:23:33 A word of caution to those who who can’t be friends with any of their exes.
00:24:49 Having sex with an ex…. for revenge… really?
00:25:44 Understanding why vanilla society still shapes our views as kinksters.
00:27:17 All the reasons why you may want to have sex with an ex.
00:31:42 When you should NOT have sex with your ex.
00:37:32 Sex won’t get you back together.
00:39:44 When and how to experiment with casual sex.
00:41:48 Things may change after a breakup and sex may never be the same.
00:43:05 Our exes are still people and how to be a fucking person.
00:44:05 Kink specific issues and obstacles that may occur.
00:47:35 Wrap up and top things to remember when having sex with an ex.

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