#049: Sperm Donors, Dirty Talk, and Poly Folks with No Sex Drive

It’s a Q&A episode! Yay! Today, we take a bunch of questions from folks wanting to know about: fathering children for other couples in your polycule, bridging the desire gap in a triad, the difference between Mormons and other polyamorous folks, what to do when your partner (who knew you were poly) tries to force you into monogamy, and much more. 

Questions in this episode

  • My wife and I have been poly for 5 years and have two children. We are in a relationship with two other couples (bi male/female, and bi female/female), neither of which have children. Due to low sperm count and quality, the male/female couple can’t conceive. The female/female couple have asked me to give the younger wife a child naturally, and now the male/female couple would like the same. I want to know what the responsibilities and expectations are of my wife and me? How do I blend our families with no major issues?
  • I have been considering becoming poly, but I’m not very sexual and I don’t understand what poly means. I keep finding myself in love with two people. Does that make me poly? And is poly a Mormon thing?
  • I’m in a closed triad, and we are struggling with making sure everyone gets what they need. How can we make sure everyone is satisfied?
  • I just watched your video on Poly / Mono relationships and I am experiencing a similar situation. I’ve been with my partner for over a year and disclosed my poly relationship preferences up front, and she said she was okay with it. Over time she has become jealous of my existing potential partners and is attempting to force me into monogamy. I’m now hesitant to date others and am considering leaving her because I don’t see a solution. Are others experiencing similar issues?
  • Why is it so hard to find poly women? I’m in a city of 18 million people – where are they!
  • I am an older male who loves CFNM (clothed female naked male) and want more of that experience but my wife is not kinky. Where do I find someone?
  • Can polyamory work if I have no sex drive?

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