#038: Community – The Good, the Challenging, and the Intentional with Sarah Taub

If you’re poly or kinky you’ve likely realized the importance of surrounding yourself with a community of like-minded people. Sarah Taub works at the Center for New Culture and teaches people how to better their relationship skills, navigate conflicts, and find or build their own community.

Today Sarah speaks with us on what community is, why it’s important to have one, the difference between a commune and an intentional community, and how an individual can take steps towards joining a community or starting their own. Sarah also explains why clear communication, strong boundaries, and the ability to hold space are even more crucial in communities, and discusses effective ways to resolve conflict in a community.

We also go a bit down the rabbit hole on how to start an intentional community, so if (like Rigel) you’ve ever thought about starting your own intentional community of poly and/or kinky folks, there’s some good info in here for you.

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