#016: Ask a Unicorn – Amanda Gets Her Own Episode

When did you know you were a unicorn? Where do you find good couples to date? What about a couple raises red flags, and what makes them stand out? What’s it like to have fiancés who run a podcast? In this episode, Cassie and Rigel’s partner Amanda makes her first-ever appearance on the show to answer these and other “unicorn” related questions that a bunch of folks spontaneously asked her in a facebook group.

PLUS: We announce a FREE online class that we’re launching. It’s called How to Build Amazing Open Relationships and it teaches you how to overcome four common open relationship hurdles while avoiding conflict. Check out the show notes and follow the link to see when Cassie’s teaching the next class.

Questions in this episode

  • When did you know you were a unicorn?
  • Where do you find good couples to date?
  • What are some warning signs when you’re looking to date a couple?
  • Do people act like your relationship is not credible (and how do you cope)?
  • What is it like to have partners who run a podcast?
  • What do you identify as when you date a couple?
  • How do you deal with your partner’s children?
  • How do you balance dyad time make sure no one gets left out?
  • What makes a couple stand out to a unicorn?

Resources Mentioned

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