#118: I Can’t Stop Smiling — Ivette and Daniel’s Story

“I can’t stop smiling.”

That’s how Ivette describes her life now. But that wasn’t always the case.

When Ivette came to us in early 2019, she and her husband Daniel had landed in the middle of a triad. They had two families worth of people living under the same roof.

There was jealousy. Fuzzy boundaries. Hurt feelings around time and responsibilities. Confrontation every day of the week.

Not only was the triad in jeopardy. But Ivette and Daniel were wondering about their own future.

In the midst of that pain, Ivette called us. But she and her partners weren’t ready to put in the effort true transformation requires.

When the triad fell apart, Ivette swore that she’d never put anyone else through that pain again.

So when the same challenges resurfaced 1.5 years later, Ivette and Daniel called us back. And this time they were ready to put in the work.

Now? Ivette can’t stop smiling. She’s absolutely in love with her partners. She’s having more sexy time than she’s had in recent history. And most importantly, Ivette is finally standing in her power.

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